Event Coverage :2013 HAMB Drags Weekend Part 2

Here are some more shots from the HAMB Drags Friday Night’s pre-party shenanigans

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Mike and Daddy-O from Pushrod (and Atlas Speed & Custom)

This looks like a good time…

Dick’s Chevy is simple and clean and a driving machine.

Stray Kat Kustoms (Mickey) has just about finished his 60 Chevy with 60 Merc Grill as his daily driver.

Early Saturday morning after a hearty breakfast I roamed the parking lot a bit before heading out.

Here’s my buddy Rick’s new shoebox.

A whole lotta kool in the host hotel parking lot.

On the way to MO-KAN Dragway we stopped by Ryno Built for a coffee and donuts open house.

A few cars were taking advantage of the shop, like Jason swapping his slicks on.

Others gathered to help a friend 1/2 a country from home.

Then Jason tacked his grill support bracket back in place.

150 miles each way and consistent 10 second passes all day. Mike had a good debut weekend for the Henry J.

The next stop is the track for the main event!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

See you at a show,


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