1 Month Warning: Old Geezers Car Show

Okay so we’re a couple of days short of a month, oh well. Still plenty of time to get ready. The plan for the weekend of October 12th was supposed to be my 2nd trip up to Woodstock, IL for the 2nd Annual Iron Invasion. My plans have changed though. I still think that Iron Invasion is an amazing show and I’d love to be there, but I had an offer that I didn’t want to pass up.

That show is the Old Geezers Car Show in Lamar, MO. I’ve been told that the show will be about 100 cars parked around an old town square. Most of them will be kool old school kustom style, right up my alley. So I’m headed to Lamar, MO to hang with the Kustom family.

For all of the info go to their page on Facebook.

See you at a show,


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