Motorcycle Feature: Bryce Schmidt’s 81 Yamaha Cafe Racer

Now I know that the main feature of this site is traditional styled hot rods and kustoms, but my motor based interests vary a bit from that narrow niche. I have a lot of talented friends building a lot of different types of vehicles, Bryce is one of them. A local Salina guy, Bryce has a very low, stretched chassis and sickenly fast Jeep dragster, as well as some other projects like this bike. A few months ago he asked if I’d take some photos of the bike in this under construction phase, I’m a sucker for something new so I jumped at the chance.

From time to time I will feature stuff like this that falls outside of my normal scope just to feature some talented builders, after all the main focus on this site is to show off the fact that you don’t have to live near an ocean to build kool stuff. Now on to the photos.

Bryce is also working on a Harley chopper this winter and I am hoping to shoot it when the bulk of construction is done, then of course 2 more shoots with the bikes once they are finished and painted. I have plans on shooting more bikes in 2014, mostly old school choppers, triumphs, BSA’s etc. that are pretty cool and Kansas built.

See you at a show,


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