Event Coverage: 2014 Starbird-Devlin Part 6

Final post of the 2014 Starbird-Devlin Show Coverage!

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John recently got this bad ride back in his collection. I could tell how proud he was to have it back. I hope to do a feature on his collection soon.
Here are John’s 2 entries in the show. I can’t decide which I’d rather drive, but my heart says take the yellow one. I know it has a big block πŸ™‚
Alongside John’s cars is Butch’s 56. This car has been all over the last few years and Butch has sure done his best to find all of her weak links.
Mike’s Front Engine Dragster
I need to catch up with the owner of this car. It’s damn cool!
One of a few highly finished Camaros at the show.
There have been a few new to me orange hot rods around lately. I wouldn’t have thought it was a great idea but it works! Another great looking ride that needs a feature on this site!
Just pure beauty.
A couple more photos of Floyd’s killer Edsel Wagon.
Stray Kat Proud. Ron Myers pinstriping on Floyd’s Wagon’s surfboard.
More Ron Myers pinstriping in the door jambs and some of Aaron’s work from Fast AL’s Upholstery.
Hot Rod Garage’s build of this 57 Chevy took home the Magnificent 7 Award at the end of the weekend.
Not much I can say about this gorgeous drop top. It’s pretty damn nice.
Another shot of Troy Pate’s killer new rod.
One of Norm Grabowski’s unique shift knobs in Troy’s display.
Eugene Vik brought his kustom shoebox down from Minnesota to show off for us.
Another shot of Eugene’s shoebox.
Tammy Titus’ beautiful Vette
Tammy Titus’ beautiful Vette
Primary Club members rides. The McGregors have a lot of kool in their garages.
Jeb McGregor’s coupe 38DD. This rod is all about attitude, Jeb said he might be re-doing it soon as more of a 50’s style hot rod. so I’m paying attention to see what he’s up to.
Matt Smith’s kool pickup will be in front of my lens again soon… πŸ™‚
Joe McGregor’s Caddy has been one that’s caught my eye for a few year years now. Most times when this car is on the road on the way to a show, it’s usually full of people. Fill it up with folks and fuel and go enjoy a car show weekend.
This pickup started life as a sedan.
One of the smoothest shoeboxes around.
Chaotic Customs has a big crew and the girls decided that they needed their own kool ride to take to the shows. So this Thunderbird was built, kustom paint, flame throwers, and some kustom body mods make this Chaotic ride stand out.
Some great panels in the Chaotic Customs display.

I was wearing one of my Model A Hot Rod Stencil T-Shirts this weekend and had a ton of people ask me where they could get one. Here you go! I have a few in stock now and I’m taking pre-orders for the next batch. The long and the short of it is that I can’t spend my cash buying these shirts to have them sit in stock, that cash has to go into the traveling account to get me on the road to a few more shows. If you want one, get one ordered! Every shirt you pre-order will allow me to get down the road farther on the way to the next show! Click here to go to the order page.

Goren’s 48 Merc. He took home a couple of awards on Sunday.
Micheal’s Coupe was also an award winner.
Micheal’s ride as with anything that he owns is all about the details. He was one of the founding members of the legendary Fundamentals club.
Corey Conyers made it a point to bring me over to see this beauty that he’s been working on. I hope to be able to shoot it soon.
Another shot of Corey’s latest creation.

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