Can I Pack More Into A Weekend?

This weekend will be a bit of a bear. There are two major indoor shows going on this weekend in my area, actually there’s 3 but only 2 that I regularly cover. I’m hitting both of them again this year even though they fall on the same weekend. I really wish I was able to hit all 3!

Today (Friday) I will work the normal day job 7a-5p (Winter hours have us out at 5 instead of 6), then I’ll be off to the Paramount Bar to see a band and possibly shoot photos of that performance. The Paramount is the end base for the Mid Decembrrrrr Run each year and this year on Saturday night of the KKOA Leadsled Spectacular weekend it’s also the home of a party thrown by Royboy Productions and Stray Kat Kustoms. At that party is where I’ll be giving away $1000 cash, want to know what that’s about? Click here to find out.

So then around 1am Saturday I’ll head back home, catch a couple of hours of sleep and head back to the day job for our required 3 hours every other Saturday morning. At 10:01am I will run home, pick up my dog and my dad’s dog and take them into the kennel before heading to Kansas City for the first of the two shows. 3 hours on the road puts me downtown in KC for the Autorama World of Wheels at Bartle Hall. 3 or so hours should have me through the whole building, but lately I’ve been spending a ton of time talking with so many of you that I should set aside an extra hour or so. In any case, by around 5pm I should be headed out of the building.

Kansas City is a city full of great places to eat and hang out, I’ll be blasting past all of them headed south at full steam, Oklahoma bound. 256 miles and 4 hours later I’ll get to my buddy’s place and the most comfortable spare bedroom mattress on the planet. Jared and Marie are so awesome to always put me up when I’m in the Tulsa area, they give me that awesome spare room where I sleep better than anywhere else, they feed me and we always have a great time hanging out. Then it will be time to edit the photos from the day and start uploading them to the site and prepare a blog post for Sunday.

The next morning I’ll be up early to head to the 50th Annual Starbird show in Tulsa. The Quiktrip Center is about 30 minutes away, so that’s an easy part of the journey. The show is a bit bigger this year due to there not being any silly Monster Truck show. That entire area is now filled with killer hot rods and kustoms. I’m assuming 3-4 hours for this show as well, and then it’s out the door and heading home. Another 4 hours and about 250 miles will get me home. Edit and upload those photos to the site and prepare a blog post for Monday.

So in a great big nutshell, that’s the plan for the weekend. The plan is to give you constant car show posts all next week and weekend until I’ve run through both shows. Sorry that I can’t give it all to you at once, but to be 100% honest I need content for that following week. So there you have it folks, that’s what it takes to give you all of the car show coverage that I can shoehorn into a weekend. If you want to support the cause, buy a shirt, buy a hat, buy a photo print of any of these 40,000+ images. I really appreciate it.

See you at a show,



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