2014 Darryl Starbird Rod & Custom Show : Tulsa Pt. 5

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The view from the main level to the lower level was pretty good.
Murph (in the hat in the chair) brought this wild kustom pickup out to show off again.

It seems that Darryl emptied out most of the museum to show off at the show.
I’ve seen this car around for a few years and I dig it every time I see it.

Floyd’s 58 Edsel Roundup. Beautiful brand new mild kustom.
Daniel Dolan came down from Colorado to hang out for the weekend.
I looooove it. I need to get up to Colorado and shoot some video of this ride.
California to OK at 80 mph and 23 mpg. It was great to see Bill Hines and John at the show.

Doc’s T is always one of my favorite’s and definitely on my list for a future feature video.
It’s been fun watching this wild kustom come together!


PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART  5 | PART 6 |


See you at a show,



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