Guest Post: Cory McMahon At The LSRU!

As if I didn’t post enough on the Lonestar Roundup last week… But Cory’s pics are just too cool to not share them with you! Cory took a fixed 35mm lens with a super low aperture which gave him the opportunity to get some fantastic photos from the weekend. While I was there to cover the show for you, Cory was there to just take some great photos, and he has done just that! Find Cory on Facebook here or on Instagram here.

Without any further ado, here are Cory’s awesome pics from the event. They are a reminder to me that I need to keep pushing my boundaries and pull my fixed lens back out of the bag every once in awhile! I’m experimenting with a new style of showing off photos here, CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO SEE IT FULL SIZE! If you are seeing this in your email go here to see the full post!

DSC_0080 copy IMG_0306 copy IMG_0303 copy IMG_0302 copy IMG_0298 copy IMG_0293 copy IMG_0291 copy DSC_0641 copy DSC_0581 copy DSC_0542 copy DSC_0539 copy DSC_0528 copy DSC_0526 copy DSC_0524 copy DSC_0522 copy DSC_0521 copy DSC_0519 copy DSC_0487 copy DSC_0485 copy DSC_0445 copy DSC_0443 copy DSC_0441 copy DSC_0427 copy DSC_0420 copy DSC_0393 copy DSC_0370 copy DSC_0336 copy DSC_0330 copy DSC_0307 copy DSC_0298 copy DSC_0278 copy DSC_0275 copy DSC_0264 copy DSC_0261 copy DSC_0245 copy DSC_0224 copy DSC_0208 copy DSC_0207 copy DSC_0191 copy DSC_0185 copy DSC_0179 copy DSC_0167 copy DSC_0164 copy DSC_0158 copy DSC_0148 copy DSC_0102 copy DSC_0098 copy DSC_0094 copy DSC_0082 copyIMG_0325 copy


Thank you Cory for sharing your images with all of us! Folks Cory is a very talented guy in not only photography, but sign painting, pinstriping, and just about everything I see him put his mind to and a truly good guy to hang out with. Follow him on social media linked at the top of the article and make sure you tell him how much you appreciate him sharing his work here.

See you at a show,



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