Guest Post: Cory McMahon at the SW MO Hot Rod Hundred

Last Friday I shared some photos from my buddy Cory McMahon from his trip to the Lonestar Roundup. Over the weekend he went on the Southwest Missouri version of the Hot Rod Hundred. I was bummed that I couldn’t go,  now that I see his photos I’m downright depressed! Cory has been gracious to share over 100 photos with us of his adventure on the Hot Rod Hundred. As a special bonus tomorrow we’ll have another look at the Hot Rod Hundred from another participant. Find Cory on Facebook here or on Instagram here.


This past weekend was the southwest Missouri edition of the Hot Rod Hundred reliability run hosted by Bret Chrismer and the Crossmembers CC. This was the second of the 5 events held across the country and it was a huge success. Each event consists of the same idea, a 100-ish mile reliability run, yet each one is different.
The southwest Missouri run ended up being almost 150 miles. We started off leaving the legion hall in Springfield at 9 and made our way north to Lake Stockton for our first stop. Then we made our way around the lake and headed south. A couple stops later brought us to a section of old Route 66 for some awesome photo ops in front of a cool old gas station. We then got back on the highway and headed to Crane, MO, for chili and hot dogs. The event was fantastic and a huge success with over 70 cars in attendance from Iowa all the way down to Dallas. Big Ken from Dallas got the “Long Haul” award that I pinstriped up on one of Bret’s old Moon disc covers. Ken drove 1000 miles round trip in his 33 pickup. He’s awesome.
There’s still a few more Hot Rod Hundred’s you can attend this year. The north Texas and Oklahoma City run’s are on June 14 with the two runs meeting up for a joint picnic, and the St. Louis run is October 11. Do yourself a favor check out the Hot Rod Hundred on the H.A.M.B. and hit up one of these reliability runs if you’re in the area. They’re a blast. Congrats to Bret and the Crossmembers for hosting such a fine event.

Click on any of the photos to go see the entire gallery. Thanks for sharing your photos with us Cory! Folks to connect with Cory, the best place is to look him up on facebook here.


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3 Replies to “Guest Post: Cory McMahon at the SW MO Hot Rod Hundred”

  1. Travis,

    I was bummed that you couldn’t make it over to the event, but I happen to know a guy that can make ya look like ya been there! 😉

    Thanks for posting coverage of the event.


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