Royboy Review: Speed & Chrome Illustrated & Eagle Field Drags Part 2

Speed & Chrome Illustrated Issue #9

This is the first issue of this title that I’ve ever seen. While I’m reeling from the loss of 12 magazines this week, I am encouraged to see this small indie mag produced with such great quality. From the feel of the paper to the layout to the photography and articles, this is a mag I can subscribe to.

Inside you’ll find car features, show coverage, and more with just the right mix of advertising to content. Vintage drag and salt flat racing articles with fantastic photos and an artist profile piece fill this mag out nicely. I don’t want to give too much away, I just want to say that if you like this website, you’ll like Speed & Chrome Illustrated.


Eagle Field Drags Part 2 DVD

In addition to the Speed & Chrome Mag, they also put out DVD’s The one that I watched last night was Eagle Field Drags Part 2. Starting with the packaging this is a nice product. I’ve seen a bunch of independent hot rod DVDs released and this one will stay on my hard drive for playing at my will. Some get deleted as soon as I watch them.

Eagle Field looks like one of the koolest places to watch drags possible. Just a strip of concrete and a barrier on the audience side. Looks like when you’re there you feel like you’re part of the action, much like some other small track drags that I’ve been at in recent years. Judging by the in car GoPro footage it looks like the track can be a handful on the big end though!

A mixer of footage from various sources, camera phones, etc. but it really gives the mood of this being almost a crowd sourced  piece. The production values were good, no ground breaking cinematography but you don’t need that to watch drag racing.

FANTASTIC machinery. Great Vintage racers, both restored cars and those built to the old ways. I find myself wanting a blown flathead powered Front Engined Digger more and more as I watch it. The low altitude vintage flyovers were very cool! Some of the later muscle car stuff didn’t do much for me but that’s just me. I can always go back to the blown flatties and straight 6 drag rails any time I need a fix.

Overall: Lots of great racing footage, great music and incredible cars. I’d gladly get this for a family member for Christmas and promptly “borrow” it for months at a time. 🙂

Soooooo, go to Speed & Chrome’s website, buy their stuff. Good people putting out good product.




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