What do I do about Saturdays?

When I first started to take this blog to a daily thing, I included the weekends. Later I scaled back to try to give myself a little breathing room, on top of the 50+ hours a week at the day job, a 7 day a week blog was just too much at the time. Later Saturdays became a place to do a rundown of all of the posts of that week, let’s face it, you can get the same info just going to the homepage of the site.

So I find myself wondering what do I do with Saturdays and Sundays? What would you like to see here on Saturdays? My current thought is to resurrect the “2 Month Warning” and “1 Month Warning” posts as a combined post on Saturdays to let you know what shows are coming up. As a week day blog post they never got many views but maybe as a combined post on Saturdays they might be more useful to you.


To that end:

3 Months Out:

August 30th & 31st Greaserama, Tracy, MO 2013 Greaserama Coverage | 2012 Greaserama Coverage

September 5th & 6th Starliner, Wichita, KS 2013 Starliner Coverage | 2012 Starliner Coverage

2 Months Out:

August 1st & 2nd Krome N Kandy, Hudson, WI

July 24-27 KKOA Leadsled Spectacular Salina, KS 2013 KKOA Coverage | 2012 KKOA Coverage

1 Month Out:

July 4-6 Goodguys Des Moines, IA

I’ve been playing with some photos from past shows, what I give you each week is the down and dirty coverage of the shows that I attend. Truth is I want to give you more of this type of stuff as well. Remember I can do a kustom photo shoot of your vehicle and give you similar results.

See you at a show,


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