Shop Visit: Big Creek Restoration

On my way up to the Hot Rod Hill Climb (coverage here) I stopped in Ellis, KS at Big Creek Restoration for a shop visit.


Mike showed me around the shop built in a former Ford Dealership. The main point of interest for me was the 34 Ford project. There isn’t a single part that I saw on this car that wasn’t either hand fabricated or heavily modified. I CANNOT wait to see this car come together.

Guess that steering wheel. I’ll give you a hint, the center piece is part of a belt buckle given to the car owner by a friend.

Guess what the steering column was made out of. Extra points for kool on this one.

Some pretty gauges will fill the center of the truck dash, with a matching ignition switch centered below them.

Details, details, details.

The proper choice of lights all around accented with the exact right trim give them a look of elegance.

These air cleaners are perfect. Note there is no nut on top, the attachment is inside.

Great care was given to making the fuel system look perfect.

BCR also has some muscle car projects in the shop. This one came in after another shop did less than perfect work. It’s been stripped back down to be done right.

This Fairlane in the showroom (about where one would have been displayed in 64) was just plain perfect.

BCR takes on all kinds of work, this truck came in to get a new LS powerplant, new trans, rear end & suspension upgrades.

Mike scored these vintage tool cabinets but has been busy enough with customer work that they haven’t been cleaned up and restored yet.

A wagon Mike painted for his son.

A not so subtle reminder that when a customer says “no this is the original paint, there’s never been body work” the customer may not know what they are talking about. No estimates are ever final.

What was once a parts counter area is now this display.

Originally this building was built as a gas station and cafe. The street from the left to the right in this photo is the pre-interstate US40. One of the busiest roads in the region. Later the structure was a Ford dealership and later a body shop before Mike bought it.

Visit Big Creek Restoration’s official website here be sure to check out the projects link.

Folllow them on facebook here.


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