2014 Nitro Nationals Part 2

This was a fantastic event, getting to stand between the cars, getting close up action, breathing the nitro fumes, feeling the soul shaking power of the cars. Man o man the 2014 Nitro National was great time!

Part 1 | Part 2

Raw Nitro in the air, tire smoke wafting through the breeze, being close up to a pair of Nitro Funny Cars is a good way to test the limits of all of your senses.

Since I was a kid watching drag racing on TV I’ve love the way the cars stand up when you stand on it.

I really dig this restoration of a historic racer. Gears and Gals did a piece on it not too long ago.

The other camera man’s flash really showed off the wrinkle in the tires and the fronts in the air.


Johns car loves to pull the nose up, but he won his class and has it running strong even while putting on a show.

Thanks for checking out my photos!

Part 1 | Part 2

See you at a show,


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