Chrome Pipes And Pinstripes Ep. 56: Evel Midget


This week on Chrome Pipes and Pinstripes Royboy talks with the “Evel Midget” Mike Cook about being a stuntman, building Ridler contenders, scaring fast food employees and more then Royboy gives a rundown of the Stray Kat 500 weekend.

This blog post is brought to you by Soft Strip, LLC of Wichita, KS. Follow them on Facebook here and let them know that Royboy sent ya!
This blog post is brought to you by Soft Strip  of Wichita, KS. Go to their website here, follow them on Facebook here and let them know that Royboy sent ya!

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This week’s guest is Mike Cook

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Mike works at his father’s shop Steve Cook Creations in Oklahoma City, OK. Here’s the car Rare Air that they had in the Great 8 in Detroit this year.




Here’s the Ridler Winner SunCammer from a couple of years ago.


And a gorgeous 1961 Impala named “Under Pressure”


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