106 – A Whole Lotta Elmers – Chrome Pipes And Pinstripes

This week Royboy sits down (on the phone) with Larry (the Dad), Kris (the older brother), Mike (the middle child), and Tim (the youngest), Elmers one and all. It was a blast and we will have to do it again!

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This week’s guests are the Elmers!


Elmer Equipped Website

Elmer Equipped Facebook

Elmer Equipped Instagram

Look for #SaltCitySpeedShop for more great photos

Here are some of the cars we talked about during the conversation, thanks Kris and Mike for the photos!


13149851_1813888692172712_1288922656_n 13120711_1813888262172755_512819126_o 13129081_1813887988839449_1843991849_o 13115834_1813887835506131_760219053_n 13187889_1813887585506156_519961801_n


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13101229_817441661719772_1820693674_n 13115629_817441658386439_995266956_n 13140558_817441665053105_1293923663_n



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