Happy New Year With Wolfman Jack!

Happy New Year from Royboy Productions!
Here’s an email I got from Jonnie King lately, I hope you enjoy the audio!
“This is a shot of Jack when he was in our KSLQ-FM Studios in St. Louis in 1974. I was MD at the time, and, we put him on-the-air for one afternoon when he was in town to promote “Clap For The Wolfman”.  He was just SO GREAT !

IN ANY  EVENT, if you have time to add the NYE Link to your Site/FB Page I would sincerely appreciate it…we’re almost at One Million Hits for Dec. and it would help so much !

Your help & support is what’s helped get the Site many extra Hits & Visitors…so, thanks again, my friend !  The Link is below:

Stay safe & well !


Wolfman Jack_Studio Pik 3_KSLQ.jpg

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