2017 Detroit Autorama by Dan’s Hot Rod Photo

1923; Ford; Model T; R. Robbins R. Robbins
R. Robbins’ 1923 Ford Model T

This year I couldn’t make it to the Detroit Autorama so I asked my buddy Dan Podobinski of Dan’s Hot Rod Photo to provide some photos for me to share with all of you. Dan has a great eye and you can see his work in the last couple issues of Hop Up Magazine and various others. Thanks for the photos Dan!


48 Cars In 48 States : The Great American Road Trip – A 48 state road trip with a stop in each state to photograph a traditionally styled hot rod, kustom or drag vehicle. Daily updates will be posted here on royboyproductions.com so you can see where I’ve gone, who I’ve met, some of what I’ve seen. At the end of the trip I’ll produce a 200 page full color book of the entire adventure. Business Sponsorship Packages here available as well as you can pre-order the book here!

1940; Bill Kellogg; Coupe; Willys Bill Kellogg
Bill Kellogg’s 1940 Willys Coupe
1955; Don Boeke; Lincoln Don Boeke
Don Boeke’s 1955 Lincoln
1930; Ford; Model A; Scott Sheehan Scott Sheehan
Scott Sheehan’s 1930 Ford Model A
Digger; Patrick Hampton Patrick Hampton
Patrick Hampton’s Digger
ElDorodder; 1932 Ford; 32Ford; Vern Dave Gray; sedan Vern & Dave Gray
Vern & Dave Gray’s 1932 Ford Sedan the “ElDorodder”
1959; Ford; Kyle Rartz; Ranchero Kyle Rartz
Kyle Raetz’s 1959 Ford Ranchero
1929; Ford; Jesse Robbins; Model A Jesse Robbins
Jesse Robbins’ 1929 Ford Model A
Baja Bandeeto; Spritz by Fritz; VW; Volkswagen Spritz by Fritz
Spritz by Fritz’s Baja Bandeeto
1933; Dan Weaver; Willys Dan Weaver
Dan Weaver’s 1933 Willys
1935; Crown Coupe; Ford; Rick Klibenski Rick Klibenski
Rick Klibenski’s 1935 Ford “Crown Coupe”
 Rick Klibenski
Rick Klibenski’s 1935 Ford “Crown Coupe”
1932; Ford; Mike Tarquinio; Roadster Mike Tarquinio
Mike Tarquinio’s 1932 Ford Roadster
1931; Chris Evans; Ford; Roadster Chris Evans
Chris Evans’ 1931 Ford Roadster
Voodoo Larry; Voodoo Sahara Voodoo Larry
Voodoo Larry’s Voodoo Sahara
1932; Ford; George Poteet; sedan George Poteet
George Poteet’s 1932 Ford Sedan
1930; Ford; Model A; Ralph Linda Miller; sedan Ralph & Linda Miller
Ralph & Linda Miller’s 1930 Model A Ford Sedan
1957; Chevy; Dave Jenkins The late Dave Jenkins
The late Dave Jenkins’ 1957 Chevy
 The late Dave Jenkins
The late Dave Jenkins’ 1957 Chevy

1933; Ford; Pickup; Steve Anne Gamache Steve & Anne Gamache
Steve & Anne Gamache’s 1933 Ford Pickup
Nick’s Hot Rod Garage brought the Odd Rod tribute truck
1929; Ford; Kevin Doolittle; Model A; Pickup; Pickup Roadster Kevin Doolittle
Kevin Doolittle’s 1929 Ford Model A Roadster Pickup
1927; Ford; Roadster; Rory Pawl; Track T Rory Pawl
Rory Pawl’s 1927 Ford Track T Roadster
1929; Dodge Brothers; Ed Tillrock III; Sports Coupe Ed Tillrock III
Ed Tillrock III’s 1929 Dodge Brothers Sports Coupe

1932; Ford; John Kokoska; Tudor; sedan John Kokoska
John Kokoska’s 1932 Ford Tudor Sedan
1932 Ford; Jeff Powell; Roadster Jeff Powell
Jeff Powell’s 1932 Ford Roadster
1948; Cadillac; Graham Thompson; Sedanette Graham Thompson
Graham Thompson’s 1948 Cadillac Sedanette

See you at a show,


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