162- 48 Cars In 48 States Update #005 The Route!

This week Royboy gives a rundown of the Full 48 Cars In 48 States trip schedule and gives YOU a chance to help fill in the spots that are not yet filled.

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After a few less than perfect attempts I think I finally have the schedule for the 48 Cars In 48 States trip worked out. There are a few states that have their spots already spoken for but I’m still hoping to add in shop visits when and where I can. The general schedule has me stopping in a different state each day with a run of a few days in a row then an extra day to hopefully account for bad weather or other unforeseen issues.

48 Cars 48 States on Roadtrippers

******* This trip is the updated list, it wil not match what is said during the podcast ******

In planning the trip I’ve taken into account a few shows that I must make that happen within the two months, including starting from the Greaserama in KC, a stop a week later back in Wichita for the Stray Kat Kustoms Starliner, then a couple of days in Central City, CO for the Hot Rod Hill Climb, a day in Woodstock, IL for the Iron Invasion, and finally a 2 day stint back in Kansas for the Blues Masters At The Crossroads at the end of October. Then a week after the trip ends I’ll head out to Texas for Pistons & Paint. It’s going to be a busy fall!

Unfortunately I can’t do all of the shoots on the weekends, so I’m planning on doing as many as possible in the evenings but some will have to be in the mornings. If you know of anyone with a great traditionally inspired hot rod or kustom in the states that I don’t have filled in yet, please feel free to contact me here and get me in touch with them. *these dates have changed slightly since I recorded the audio*

Sept. 2 – The trip starts out September 2nd with me making the short drive over to Tracy, MO for the Greaserama. This show has been a staple of my Labor Day weekend for longer than I can really remember, even before my Galaxie was ready to make the trip there and back. The Greaserama information can be found at www.greaserama.com

Sept. 3 – I’ll roll out of there later in the afternoon and start making may way east, the first leg of the trip will take me out through the center portion of the eastern half of the United States. My next stop will be in Deputy, IN to see Mikey Brown of Mikey Brown’s Kustom Upholstery, he was a guest on Chrome Pipes & Pinstripes recently & I’ll be shooting his sweet kustom Ford Pickup.

Sept. 4 – Kentucky, I have a car lined up

Sept. 5 – Then it’s Tennessee, I have a car lined up, I hope to stop by and see Chrome Pipes & Pinstripes guests Mike Howell & Ricky Bobby and maybe even stop in to see Jason & Tasha Graham. @70 miles

Sept. 6 – Walls, MS & Conway, AR, I have  cars lined up

Sept. 7 – The following day is an “extra day” in my schedule, pretty creative name huh? If all goes to plan I’ll be making my way west towards Kansas, hopefully making it to Ryno Built Rod & Kustom near Joplin, MO that night. Ryno and family are always awesome hosts when I’m in the area and he’s doing a bunch of work on the Galaxie between now and the trip.

Sept. 8/9 – Then it’s off to Wichita, KS for the Stray Kat Kustoms Starliner show. The Starliner show is one of my favorite weekends of the year each year. The atmosphere at the host hotel is awesome, the Garage Crawl is fantastic and the show itself, set in the Kansas Aviation Museum is visually amazing. After the show Saturday I’ll head north to try to take some of the next day’s drive off of Sunday.

Sept. 10/11 – The next stop on my trip is Mount Rushmore in western South Dakota, I have a car that’s fairly local to the monument lined up for the SD shoot so we will likely pick some scenic spot near the monument for the shoot.

Sept. 12 – North Dakota, I have a car lined up

Sept 13 – Montana, I have a car lined up

Sept. 14 – Wyoming, I have a car lined up

Sept. 15/16 – I’ll kill two birds with one stone and shoot the Colorado car as part of the Hot Rod Hill Climb weekend.

Sept 17 – Head to Utah, I have a few choices here and the car will likely have the last name Elmer on the title, the smart thing for me to do will be to follow them from Central City back to Utah

Sept. 18 – Idaho, I have a car lined up

Sept. 19 – Washington, I’ll meet up with Chrome Pipes & Pinstripes guest and one of the folks behind Hop Up Magazine

Sept. 20 – Oregon, I’ll catch up with TJ Wilson who just moved from Texas. TJ has a great kustom ford pickup and car hauler

Sept. 22 – California, I have a car near Sacramento

Sept. 24 – Las Vegas, I have a car lined up

Sept. 25 – Phoenix, AZ, I have a car lined up

Sept. 26 – Las Lunas, New Mexico, I have a car lined up

Sept. 27 – Wellington, TX, I have a car lined up

Sept. 28 – Sand Springs, OK, I have a car lined up

Sept. 29 – Extra day

Sept. 30 – Missouri,  I have a car lined up

Oct. 1 -Nebraska, I have a car lined up

Oct. 2 –  Iowa, I have a car lined up

Oct. 3 – Minnesota, I have a car lined up

Oct. 4 -Wisconsin, I have a car lined up

Oct. 5 –  Illinois, I have a car lined up

Oct. 6 – Extra Day

Oct. 7 -Iron Invasion, another sponsor of the trip

Oct. 8 -Michigan, I’ll make a trip over to Grand Rapids to hopefully make a stop at Gas Axe Garage, also my birthday! I have a car lined up !

Oct. 9 – Ohio, I have a car lined up

Oct. 10 – Pennsylvania, I have a car lined up

Oct. 11 – New York, I have a car lined up

Oct. 12 – Vermont, no car lined up

Oct. 13 – New Hampshire, NoSurf’s Model A

Oct. 14 -Extra day

Oct. 15 – Maine, I have a car lined up

Oct. 16 – Massachusetts, I have a car and a stop at CP&P guest Chris Ball’s Millworks Hot Rods planned

Oct. 17 – Rhode Island, no car lined up

Oct. 18 – Connecticut, I have a car lined up

Oct. 19 – New Jersey, I have a car lined up

Oct. 20 – Delaware, I have a car lined up

Oct. 21 – Maryland, I have a car lined up

Oct. 22 – West Virginia, I have a car lined up

Oct. 23 – Virginia, I have a car lined up

Oct. 24 – Extra Day

Oct. 25 – North Carolina, a stop at CP&P guest Ray Evernham’s shop planned

Oct. 26 – South Carolina, the stop here will be at CP&P guest Chris Ryan’s shop to shoot his wife’s Caddy

Oct. 27- Georgia, CP&P guest Hot Rod Walt!

Oct. 28 – Alabama, I have a car lined up

Oct. 29 – Extra Day

Oct. 30 -Extra Day

Oct. 31 -Florida, I have a car lined up

Nov. 1 – Extra Day

Nov. 2 – Extra Day

Nov. 3 – Extra Day

Nov. 4 – Lousiana, I have a car lined up

Nov. 5 – Extra day

Nov. 6 – back to work at the day job, well back to work at a new position at the day job!

If I’ve typed this up correctly, and I’m sure that I’ve messed something up, that should be the full 48 state trip! Right now it’s clocking in about 16,400 miles and over 250 hours of driving total.

See you at a show,



These folks are making 48 Cars In 48 States possible! Support them, let them know that you appreciate them supporting this adventure

My buddy Ryno is handling getting the Galaxie ready for the trip. If you want your car done right, Ryno is one of the few guys that I trust.
Labor Day Weekend in KC is all about the Greaserama. Held out at the fairgrounds in Tracy, MO, it’s a great time with amazing cars, bands, artists, and people.

One of my favorite shows in the last few years has been Pistons And Paint in Denton, TX each November. Put it on your list!

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