48 Cars in 48 States : Pre-trip #006 Wait… No Camper?!?

You read that title right. As of the writing of this post (1am Monday morning), the camper will not be making the 48 Cars 48 States trip. I’ll tell you why, but please don’t think of this as me soliticing advice. I have neither the time nor the money to try to get this fixed this week, so I appreciate all of the advice but I still have 50 hours of work at the desk to put in this week and packing, planning etc.

So why no camper? The car with it’s new 1400 mile engine seems to be running better than it ever has before, everything is GOOD, right up until I hook the camper up. Then the car that’s pulled the camper 3,000 miles already this year and never overheated… gets hot. REALLY hot, in about 5 miles it shoots up from 185 to 230. Unhook the trailer and drive the car and it settles back down around 180, right where the thermostat is. Before you ask, there’s a temp gauge in the dash that’s after the thermostat and one in the Fitech that’s before and both agree on temps, it’s not a stuck thermostat. Also the car cools down from super high temps if you drive it with no trailer so I know the cooling system is working. The timing is my next suspect, since the balancer has slipped I can’t get a proper read on the timing. I’m looking for options to get a new one and get it on the car somehow this week so that I can re-check the timing and then try another test pull with the camper.


So below is the new schedule. I’m going to have to rely on friends who’ve offered up couches, a bunch of hotels, and maybe crash a night or two in the car in a rest area to make it all work but the event is still on! I will leave Saturday morning Sept. 2nd and I’ll head east!

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Sept. 2 – The trip starts out September 2nd with me making the short drive over to Tracy, MO for the Greaserama. This show has been a staple of my Labor Day weekend for longer than I can really remember, even before my Galaxie was ready to make the trip there and back. The Greaserama information can be found at www.greaserama.com I’ll get to spend a few hours with my friends at the show then head east. Hopefully stopping for a visit at a friend’s house near St. Louis, before stopping somewhere in IL for the night. Sunday I’ll finish up the drive to Indiana.

Sept. 3 – Deputy, Indiana

Sept. 4 – Paris, Kentucky

Sept. 5 – Nashville, Tennessee

Sept. 6 – Walls, MS & Conway, AR, one in the morning, one in the evening

Sept. 7 – Extra Day, planned to be in Joplin for a Ryno Built stop. Oil change, tire rotation, check the car over for anything that stands out

Sept. 8/9 – Wichita, KS for the Stray Kat Kustoms Starliner show. The Starliner show is one of my favorite weekends of the year each year. The atmosphere at the host hotel is awesome, the Garage Crawl is fantastic and the show itself, set in the Kansas Aviation Museum is visually amazing. After the show Saturday I’ll head north to try to take some of the next day’s drive off of Sunday.

Sept. 10/11 – Mount Rushmore, then shoot the South Dakota car

Sept. 12 – Bismarck, North Dakota

Sept 13 – Billings, Montana

Sept. 14 – Cheyenne, Wyoming

Sept. 15/16 – Greeley, CO then the Hot Rod Hill Climb in Central City, CO

Sept 17 – Drive to Layton, Utah

Sept. 18 – Post Falls, Idaho

Sept. 19 – Spokane, Washington, I’ll meet up with Chrome Pipes & Pinstripes guest and one of the folks behind Hop Up Magazine John Gunsaulis

Sept. 20 – Salem, Oregon, then Eugene, OR, before sliding west to the PCH for a couple of hours

Sept. 22 – Penryn, California

Sept. 24 – Las Vegas, NV

Sept. 25 – Phoenix, AZ

Sept. 26 – Las Lunas, New Mexico

Sept. 27 – Wellington, TX

Sept. 28 – Sand Springs, OK

Sept. 29 – Extra day

Sept. 30 – KC, Missouri

Oct. 1 – Lincoln, Nebraska

Oct. 2 –  Marion, Iowa

Oct. 3 – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Oct. 4 – Antigo, Wisconsin

Oct. 5 – Oak Park, Illinois

Oct. 6 – Extra Day

Oct. 7 – Woodstock, IL for the Iron Invasion, another sponsor of the trip

Oct. 8 – Holland, Michigan and my birthday!

Oct. 9 – Grafton, Ohio, and a stop at Custom Chrome Plating

Oct. 10 – Pennsylvania

Oct. 11 – New York

Oct. 12 – Vermont

Oct. 13 – New Hampshire, NoSurf’s Model A

Oct. 14 -Extra day

Oct. 15 – Maine

Oct. 16 – Massachusetts, CP&P guest Chris Ball’s Millworks Hot Rods planned

Oct. 17 – Rhode Island

Oct. 18 – Connecticut

Oct. 19 – New Jersey

Oct. 20 – Delaware

Oct. 21 – Stephensville, Maryland

Oct. 22 – Martinsburg, West Virginia

Oct. 23 – Richmond, Virginia

Oct. 24 – Extra Day

Oct. 25 – Charlotte, North Carolina, a stop at CP&P guest Ray Evernham’s shop planned

Oct. 26 – NinetySix, South Carolina, the stop here will be at CP&P guest Chris Ryan’s shop to shoot his wife’s Caddy

Oct. 27- Atlanta, Georgia, CP&P guest Hot Rod Walt!

Oct. 28 – Alabama

Oct. 29 – Extra Day

Oct. 30 -Extra Day

Oct. 31 -Tampa, Florida

Nov. 1 – Extra Day

Nov. 2 – Extra Day

Nov. 3 – Extra Day

Nov. 4 – Lafeyette, Lousiana

Nov. 5 – Extra day


See you at a show,


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My buddy Ryno is handling getting the Galaxie ready for the trip. If you want your car done right, Ryno is one of the few guys that I trust.
Labor Day Weekend in KC is all about the Greaserama. Held out at the fairgrounds in Tracy, MO, it’s a great time with amazing cars, bands, artists, and people.

One of my favorite shows in the last few years has been Pistons And Paint in Denton, TX each November. Put it on your list!

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