2018 KKOA Leadsled Spectacular Coverage

The KKOA Leadsled Spectacular was here before I knew it. Wednesday I took my camper in to the park and set up in my vendor area with visions of spending the weekend with friends, seeing cars, and selling a ton of books in my head.

More of the story in the post….But first, an ad for my book 🙂

48 Cars In 48 States : The Great American Road Trip – An 18,200 mile 48 States road trip in a 1963 Ford. Along the way I covered 6 events and shot a feature article on 48 different cars and then compiled them al into a book! The first 200 copies of the book sold out in 3 weeks time, you  can pre-order a copy of the 2nd edition of the book here! It will be shipping near the end of July

On Thursday I took some friends over to tour Acoustic Sounds and Quality Record Pressing in Salina where some of the best vinyl records produced today are produced and sold. Then we went back to the camper in the park and grilled some burgers while the cruise was going on.

Friday the show got started properly with tons of cars rolling in. It didn’t feel like the biggest Friday I’d ever seen, even with the much cooler temperatures than we are used to for this event. It was a full day of hanging out with friends, checking out the cars, selling some books. Then we went out to the Run What Ya Brung Drags and then the Hall of Fame Awards at the host hotel.

Saturday started about 6 hours after returning home Friday night, another full day of the show was even more full because of the tremendous amount of cars and people that flowed into the park.

Saturday evening some friends gathered up at the Paramount Bar for the New Blood Award Party, it was actually a much smaller crowd than I’d anticipated. The People’s Choice Award was won by Dylan and his 1964 Chevrolet El Camino by a huge margin, the Royboy pick went to Jason and his 23 T drag vehicle. Then I was joined on the stage by Chris Ryan, Eddie Potestio and Mike Keller for a live recording of Chrome Pipes and Pinstripes Radio Show. That will be posted later this week.

To see the full gallery of over 250 photos click here or you can view them below as a slide show.

Here’s a slide show of the phots that I took at the event. If. you don’t see a slide show below this text in your email in box,  click here

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