2018 Hot Rod Hill Climb Photos

Up on the dirt road after Oh My God Pass, I was up there passing out stickers to the brave souls that came across the gravel road with no guard rails.

The 6th Annual Hot Rod Hill Climb is now in the books, and in my humble estimation it was the best one yet. In 2013 Mike Nicholas, of Nick’s Hot Rod Garage and company brought back the Hot Rod Hill Climb for a 60th anniversary since the first event in 1953 in Georgetown, Colorado. The event was so popular that they made the 60th anniversary of the 1954 event happen the next year. In 2015 the event returned to Georgetown, CO for a third time before moving over to Central City, CO the following year.

The move was a good one for the event. There’s room for about 50 more vehicles who want to participate in the event and there’s a return road meaning that the cars can continue to run all day long instead of making one or maybe two runs. Cars have made as many as 14 trips up the mountain in Central City and most that I’ve talked to say that it takes 2 or 3 runs to really get used to it.

The schedule starts with a Reliability Run on Friday ending with the choice to go over the gravel washboarded, guard rail-less Oh My God Pass or the nice wide paved parkway which leads to Central City. About 10 percent of the cars choose the dirt path and were rewarded with special stickers denoting their bravery.

Later in the evening on Friday my club, The Lonely Knights from Colorado Springs showed up and made our famous chicken fajita tacos for everyone who was hungry. I believe that we made nearly 1000 before the night was over.

Saturday the participants showed up early and by about 9:30 it was time for the National Anthem and then the run up the mountain! It was a full day of fun with the Hill Climb and a car show plus live bands and even some gun slinger reenactments.

Saturday evening were the awards and then on Sunday we got up and met up for the Peak To Peak run up to Estes Park, CO for brunch. It was a truly beautiful way to end the event with a super cool drive on a great road.

This was my favorite Hot Rod Hill Climb so far, I hope you enjoy the photos as well.

Standing at attention for the National Anthem


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