2019 SWMO Hot Rod Hundred

Click this photo to see the full gallery from the event. Click this photo to see the full gallery from the event.

I’ve been attending the Southwest Missouri Hot Rod Hundred for a few years. The CrossMembers CC is made up of a great bunch of guys and they always have great events. This year I was able to take my Dad and his 66 Chevrolet C10 on the run too.

This post is brought to you by the CrossMembersCC who put on the Hot Rod Hundred events. Here’s a list of the events, find one near you and join the fun!

We left Friday afternoon and made the 250 mile drive over to the Joplin area to meet up with Ryno at his shop. He had a Chevy 292 straight six for sale and Dad wanted another, this is how I got him to come on the trip! After unloading the C10 off the trailer we loaded up the engine and some wheels that we were buying and went out for a great burger. Then it was in the house to BS and talk cars and such until about midnight.

Saturday morning came early, we rolled out towards the starting point for the run at Brookline Church in Republic, MO about 65 miles away. Lucky for us we could hop on old Route 66 and cruise over. When we got to the church parking lot it was already nearly full of about 250 cars! They just kept coming the whole time that we milled about.

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At 9 am we headed out, I stayed in the church parking lot and shot some photos and videos of the cars leaving and except for the CrossMembers guys we were just about the last ones to leave the event. I wanted Dad to get the experience of the entire run so I set the camera down and picked up the direction notes and acted as navigator on the 100 mile reliability run.

After a stop at Hot Shoe Hot Rods in Mount Vernon, MO we headed out to make it over to Crane, MO for the end of the run BBQ and hang out. Some of the roads were ones that I remembered and some were brand new. There’s a ton of great scenery out in that area, one of the additional reasons to make it to this event.

Once we hit Crane, the cars all parked in the park and the BBQ was already being served. It was a perfect end to the run. We talked with friends old and new and then hopped in the C10 and headed west to meet back up with Ryno in the Joplin area. By 5pm we had the engine, wheels and the truck loaded and strapped and were ready to make the 250 mile trip back to central KS so that we could attend Easter festivities on Sunday.

I hope that you enjoy the photos, be sure to click any of the ones you see on this page to lead to the full gallery.

Click this photo to see the full gallery. Click this photo to see the full gallery.
Click on the photo to see the full gallery. Click on the photo to see the full gallery.

2019 SWMO Hot Rod Hundred Slide Show

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