KC Carquest World of Wheels Teasers

Just got home from the Kansas City Carquest World of Wheels at Bartle Hall. I’m not in a very eloquent state of mind so don’t expect “On The Road” here 🙂

I met some new friends, hung out with some old ones and had a great time. Jack Walker’s Phoenix and Blue Danube are worth the ticket price alone. The Barris built 41 was fantastic as was a new-to-me coupe that I geeked out over and shot way too many pics.

Here’s a couple of crappy phone pics to hold you over until I get the full gallery uploaded on Sunday.

This weekend is the Kansas City Car Quest World of Wheels show!

This weekend in Bartle Hall in Kansas City, MO is the 2011 Carquest World of Wheels show. It’s cold in KS this winter with over a foot of snow blanketing most of the state. Thankfully Bartle Hall is heated and will keep us from the elements. The show features an eclectic mix of rides from lowriders to imports, with a large portion of the building being devoted to the Ol’ Skool and traditional rod flavors. Muscle cars and 4×4’s are also on hand so there’s something for everyone to look at.

Here’s a look at last year’s show.

Enjoy last year’s shots and be on the lookout early next week for this year’s!

See you at a show

Kool Kustom Kar photography isn’t all that I do…

Those that know me in the real world know that the other overwhelming passion in my life has been music since I was a kid. About 11 years ago I started working at Blue Heaven Studios in Salina, KS on the side. Blue Heaven is a recording studio built into what was originally the First Christian Church in Salina. Check out the link above for more info on this beautiful studio.

Fast forward to today, I’m enjoying some Pandora radio at my desk at the day job, when a familiar voice starts playing in my ears. Both in 2009 and in 2010 we at Blue Heaven had the pleasure to record an Austin artist named Dan Dyer. Both times the sessions were captured Direct To Disk, meaning that we recorded him and his band, straight from the mics, through the console, mixed live and recorded onto the cutting lathe. In layman’s terms we’re making an actual record (there are a couple more steps but I’m trying to be brief!), this is different from the typical over-production that goes on in today’s music world. Gone are the artifacts of recording into one medium, overdubbing, editing, possibly mixing to another medium (going through the console again), etc etc etc, all of which add noise to the music, noise that takes away from the recording.  Direct to Disk recording is not used very much, hasn’t been used much in the last 30 or so years, but we do it because it’s how to get the best, cleanest possible recordings.

This video is NOT from the Blue Heaven sessions but shows off some of Dyer’s amazing music.

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If you go to Dyer’s bandcamp site you can buy the music as a download, paying what you want to pay, it can also be found on Amazon as well.  Check out Dan Dyer, I think you’ll be glad that you did.

There are currently 13 of our D2D recordings available on the Acoustic Sounds website, most of them are blues based, if you have a turntable and want to hear the best possible sound quality, these are the way to get it!

Indoor drag racing in the 60’s!

Indoor drag racing in the 60’s!
Check out this cool link for some cool photos of some of the wildest drag racing ever!

In the 60’s there was a short time where Chicago area racers were racing indoors! Apparently this went down in the International Amphitheater in Chicago, the same place as the Democratic National Convention.

Here’s a link to the story behind the photos.

Let’s find a place and revive this craziness one more time!

See you at a show

Royboy Productions Zazzle Store

Have you seen the Royboy Productions Zazzle store? There are t-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, etc. there featuring a few selected photos from the RBP photo collection.  New designs will be coming soon!

Help me get to the next show by buying a shirt or a mouse pad, or by buying a photo from the RBP galleries! By July the RBP odometer for 2011 will be around 6000 miles, with gas prices going up I’ll need all the help that I can get!

See you at a show,


2011 Darryl Starbird Wichita Teaser Pics

Well the first show of my 2011 season in under my belt. I’m sitting in the parking lot of the Wichita Starbird show as i type this. The car count was down, the attendance seemed down, but the overall quality of the show felt way up.

I have a couple of cell phone teaser shots for ya, check back tomorrow at http://royboyproductions.smugmug.com for the full set.

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Just in time for the gas prices to go up

Just in time for the forecasted higher gas prices, my 63 Galaxie is getting a beefed up AOD trans and adapter to mate it to my 390.

The trans and adapter are from Bendsten’s Transmissions, they were very helpful, shipped very fast and gave me a discount too.

The trans will go in next week as well as an updated stock type distributor, upgraded coil and plug wires. I’ll do a mpg test before and after, hopefully jumping my current average 12mpg to 17 or so based on what others have reported.

See you at a show…

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2 weeks until the start of the 2011 show season

http://www.darrylstarbird.com/showtime.htmThe chill of winter notwithstanding, it’s about to get hot in Wichita. Jan. 14-15, 2011 will mark the 54th Annual Darryl Starbird’s Rod & Custom show in Wichita, KS at the Century II Convention Center. The show is limited to 400 entries and always draws a great stable. There is a $2000 “Go For The Gold” cash award to the best/most outstanding vehicle shown for the first time in Wichita, which should help bring out some new blood too.
I’m looking forward to the new show season starting up, keep an eye here to keep up with all that is going on in the Royboy world.

Full Resolution

2010 Darryl Starbird Wichita Show Pics here if you want to see what you missed last year.

Event Coverage: 2010 Mid Decembrrrr Run Coverage

Finally here are some of my pictures!

Our first stop was at the McPherson College Auto Restoration Program

Here’s some of the crew hanging out with a historic old rod, who’s history escapes me right now (I’m getting old and forgetful).


Get the rest of the story on my posts on the H.A.M.B.


See you at a show,


Mid-Decemberrrrr Run Update

This weekend’s (Dec. 11th) Mid-Decemberrrrr Run is still on! The weather is not going to be fantastic and people are welcome to drive their daily drivers, but you know I’ll be driving my 63 Galaxie.

More info on the run here: http://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/showthread.php?t=529595

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Some killer hot rod gifts for the car guy on your Christmas list

Of course the first place I’ll send you for your Christmas shopping is to my site. You can buy Calendars (which all of the profits go to charity), or books featuring shows that I’ve shot over the last couple of years. New Car Show Pics Books are on the way soon, each one is hand numbered and limited edition, a great keepsake of each show.

Next up is Vintage Torque DVD’s! Vintage Torque has the coolest dvds of shows available! The newest edition is of the 2010 KKOA Leadsled Spectacular show in Salina, KS, and it features some of my photos from the show.  You can find the Vintage Torque DVDs on Amazon or directly from Vintagetorque.com

I’ll post some more soon. 

Editing and uploading shots

After over 1200 miles round trip I’m home. Took over 450 shots but only using about 425 of them. The Hot Rod Revolution was a killer show, from the town to the venue to the amazing rides that showed up, just a great time all around!

So as I edit and upload the shots I’m listening to a little Social Distortion. Yeah that’s an amazon link, yes I get paid if you buy something after clicking on that, it costs me money to go to these shows and shoot these pictures to show you all for free (over $300 this trip plus 18+ hours on the road), so help me out by buying something!

The shots will be going up all night as they are huge but they are looking much better than the rough edits from the laptop. Check the shots out here.

 If you like the kind of cars that this show featured, you should check out The Jalopy Journal, the owner of the site is the show promoter and this show was what the site is all about. Very cool rides built the traditional way.

 Probably the coolest part of the day for me was looking behind me and seeing Jimmie Vaughan pulling in! That’s one way to make a cool show even cooler.

Okay, back to editing! Hope you enjoy the pics.

Hot Rod Revolution Pics!

The first batch of the 450 total that were taken are up now, and they are roughly edited, but at least it’s a start!

The rest of the rough edits should go up tonight/tomorrow morning. The final edits will be up this week. All shots are available for purchase as download or print, just click on the slideshow to go to the Smugmug page.

Hot Rod Revolution Phone Pics

Photos from the 2010 Hot Rod Revolution in Austin, TX.

 Bob Bleed
Bob Bleed’s Roadster.


For more from this event go here

A Look Back: 2010 Hot Rod Revolution – Austin, TX

Royboy goes to the 2011 Hot Rod Revolution part 1-3

Royboy goes to the Hot Rod Revolution Part 4-11


Long night, short sleep, time to see some killer cars!

Left my garage at 6:15pm and checked into my hotel at 3:35am. It’s foggy in Austin but should burn off soon. I imagine that the view from my room is more impressive when the pool is filled with beauties and the sun is hot and high in the sky.

The show starts in 5 minutes so it’s time to grub and hit the streets. Here’s a map to where we are in case you’re wondering where in Austin there would be such a cool show.

I’ll post some phone pics up here today from the show, but the real camera shots will have to wait until I get home.

Wherever you are have a great day!

Heading To Austin for Hot Rod Revolution

It’s 634 miles to Austin, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes (nah), it’s dark, and we’re wearing sunglasses (on my head). Hit it.
Hot Rod Revolution

Just finished 10 hours at the day job, I have 16 hours to get the 11 hours from here to Austin, boy am I dumb.