2019 Greaserama!

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After being sick all week I didn’t have the Galaxie prepped for a road trip so I hopped in the daily to run the 180 miles up to the Platte County Fairgrounds in Tracy, MO for the 2019 edition of the Greaserama. 
The forecast all week had been looking worse and worse for Saturday but that all changed on Friday, and thankfully by Saturday the 100% chance of rain was down to just some sprinkles for a bit on Saturday.
For the uninitiated, the Greaserama is put on by the KC area club called Los Punk Rods, it’s been held now for 19 years, and although it’s changed locations a couple of times it’s always a great time. 
They bill the show as the Midwest’s Original Punk Rock Car Show, it’s for 64 and older cars, 72 and older trucks and custom cycles. There are bands playing all day, great art vendors inside and outside, an awesome art gallery and of course, the cars. 

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2019 H.A.M.B. Drags Coverage

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The H.A.M.B. Drag has been invading Mo-Kan Dragway between Joplin, MO and Pittsburgh, KS for more than a decade and let’s face it, the weather isn’t always conducive to good racing but hey it’s always a good time.

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2019 KKOA Leadsled Spectacular Coverage

Photos from the 2019 KKOA Leadsled Spectacular – click the photo above to see the gallery.

Since the KKOA Leadsled Spectacular moved to Salina, KS (I think in 2007?) I’ve been attending every year. In the beginning the show was held in Thomas Park, where a local show had been held about a month earlier for a few years. The show quickly outgrew the park and moved to the larger Oakdale Park. Now even that park gets nearly filled to the brim each year.

The show really started my love affair with customs, I’d never really been around them before and being up close and personal with them was all it took. I’d seen a few in magazines over the years but this was the first time a group of kustoms was right in front of me.

(scroll to the bottom for a link to the gallery)

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2019 Flaming Gorge Resort Car Show

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This year while attending the Hot Rod Dirt Drags I was talking with some of the Throttlers CC from Salt Lake City about their plans for Independence Day weekend. It turns out that Throttlers Woody’s family has a super cool resort called Flaming Gorge Resort in Dutch John, UT and the Throttlers couldn’t say enough good things about the Independence Day weekend festivities there.

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2019 Flaming Gorge Resort Car Show

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While hanging out with friends at the Hot Rod Dirt Drags this year, I was invited to come out to Dutch John, UT to the Flaming Gorge Resort for the Independence Day weekend. Woody Bair of the Throttlers CC explained the weekend to me and I was hooked. It was only a short 12.5 hour drive from my home to Flaming Gorge Resort, so I had to go!

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2019 Pendine Sands Hot Rod Races Coverage by Kevin Flood

Note from Royboy: Thanks to Kevin Flood I have this coverage of the Pendine Sands Hot rod Races to share with you. Thanks Kevin!

7th Annual Pendine Sands Hot Rod Races

The Vintage Hot Rod Association held their 7th annual Hot Rod Races on the famous Pendine Sands over the weekend of the 15th/16th June 2019.

The weather in the UK so far this June has been damp to say the least earning the nickname of “Monsoon June”, so fingers were being crossed all round weather wise.

Most of those visiting the event stayed local to the sands and this gave the Pendine Sands Holiday Park a real 1950’s flavour with a lot of American iron on display outside the caravans. 

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2019 Hot Rod Dirt Drags Photo Coverage

Frost’s 34 Roadster looking good! Click the image above to see the whole photo gallery!


When Mike Nicholas told me that he was starting another new event after the success of the Hot Rod Hill Climb, I was all ears. Unfortunately I missed that first Hot Rod Dirt Drags, but I’ve made all 4 Hot Rod Dirt Drags since.

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2019 Gypsum Pie Festival and Car Show Coverage

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Wow! What a crazy weekend! The recent repeated heavy rains and thunderstorms in the area threatened this year’s Flint Hills Rod & Custom Run and the Gypsum Pie Festival & Car Show but in the end, things went great!

Leading up to the weekend I was worried about the fun run on Saturday because the route this year took us around both Tuttle Creek and Milford Lakes in the Manhattan/Junction City, KS area. As of the writing of this blog post one of the roads has been closed due to a concern for public safety, we just barely got this done.

Starting in Manhattan, KS on Saturday May 25th, a small group of cars took off on the run. we started by driving up the east side of Tuttle Creek on one of the prettiest roads that I’ve ever driven in the state. Big hills and sweeping turns with views of the lake made fore the perfect start to the run. Eventually we traveled around both lakes and found our way to the Throttle Jockey’s show in Herington, KS before heading back to Gypsum.

Sunday morning the rain had returned and slowed the morning down a bit, it rained off and on until 11 am. Quite a few people were dealing with flooding or  didn’t want to drive into the predicted severe weather so we knew that the car count would be low, adding the rain in the morning didn’t help. All in all we still had about half of our regular turn out of cars and more spectators than we’ve ever had before.

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2019 Stray Kat 500!!!

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For 9 years now I’ve been spending the first weekend of each May in a tiny town in Dewey, OK. I first saw the listing for the Stray Kat 500 in the back of a magazine in the upcoming events section in 2009. I was looking for more traditional styled hot rod and custom car events in my area, and at the time I wasn’t finding too many. Unfortunately for me it was June and the show had just happened.

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A New Book! 2018 Hot Rod Dirt Drags Book Order Page

The cover of the new book!

I’ve put out a new book, this one is a photo book of pics from the 2018 Hot Rod Dirt Drags event. They are available to be shipped anywhere in the USA now but they are in limited supply as only about remain and no more will ever be printed.

$65 shipped in the USA only 23 copies remain as of 9/3/19


The new book is 100 pages of dirt slingin’ Hot Rod Dirt Drags action, plus shots of the car show, the night drags on Friday and even some of the kids racing scooters and go-karts!

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2019 SWMO Hot Rod Hundred Video!

Here’s some video from the 2019 SWMO Hot Rod Hundred! Now, if you were a supporter on the Royboy Patreon page you would have seen this yesterday, just a perk that comes to those that help put gas in the tank so that I can make it to the next event.

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2019 SWMO Hot Rod Hundred

Click this photo to see the full gallery from the event. Click this photo to see the full gallery from the event.

I’ve been attending the Southwest Missouri Hot Rod Hundred for a few years. The CrossMembers CC is made up of a great bunch of guys and they always have great events. This year I was able to take my Dad and his 66 Chevrolet C10 on the run too.

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2019 Lonestar Round Up Coverage

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If you’re a subscriber of this blog, you’ve noticed that I haven’t been to as many events lately. This year I’m going to less events, trying to find the happy medium between spending all of my spare money going to shows and having fresh new car show photos for all of you to enjoy!

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2019 Hot Rod Showdown

I’ve made the mistake of missing the first occurrence of a few events and regretted those mistakes later. So when I heard about the Hot Rod Showdown in Wimberley, TX on Feb. 23, 2019 I decided that I wasn’t going to miss it.  The Hot Rod Showdown is a pre-48 traditional rod and custom show held at the 7A Ranch which features a great old west town, on site lodging and a great vibe.

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2019 Starbird Rod & Custom Show Photo Coverage

This year for the 2019 Starbird Rod & Custom show in Tulsa, OK I went down on Friday, leaving a snowy KS behind for a chilly OK. I spent from 10am until 7:30 pm at the show on Saturday seeing friends from across the country and their fine rides.

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2019 Grand National Roadster Show Trip Coverage

Photo coverage of the 2019 Grand National Roadster Show
Photo coverage of the 2019 Grand National Roadster Show

For my 4th trip out to California for the Grand National Roadster Show I decided instead of flying, I was going to drive out! My folks and my Aunt & Uncle decided that sounded like an adventure to them and decided they’d come along.

So we planned out a route that took us out I-40 along Route 66 so that we could check out some of the sites along the way. We left on Friday morning the 15th and did some stops for work, my dad and I work for the same company so that made that convenient. By the end of the day we ended up in Oklahoma City for the night.

Grand National Roadster Show
The start of the trip was dreary.

Saturday morning we hopped on I-40 and headed west. Our first stop was in Clinton, OK for the Route 66 Museum there on the west side of town.

The Route 66 Museum in Clinton, OK


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190 – Hot Rod Showdown

This week Royboy talks with Roger and Will of Hot Rod Showdown, a new Pre-48 Traditional hot rod show being held in Wimberley, TX on Feb. 23, 2019. Get all the details on the event in this episode, then go follow the show on instagram at @hotrodshowdown and visit the website at thehotrodshowdown.com


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189 Tom Stark – Chrome Pipes And Pinstripes

After a long hiatus, Royboy is back! This time it’s a sit down with Tom Stark of Precision Designs in Denver. Stark and company have worked on everything from traditional hot rods, a hot rod fire truck, drag cars, 4×4’s and even the 2018 Ridler winner. Hear how it all started and some fun stories along the way here. Continue reading “189 Tom Stark – Chrome Pipes And Pinstripes”

2018 Hobo Happenings

Butch’s 32 Sedan

This weekend I pointed the Galaxie south again, this time to head down to Douglass, KS just southeast of Wichita for the annual end of the season show, the Hobo Happenings. This show is typically chilly and most folks don’t stay all day but it’s a great excuse to get the cars out one last time. Although this year. you should keep your car ready to go on my Mid Decembrrrr Run on Dec. 15th! Click here for info.


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2018 Pistons & Paint Show

Tons of great cars at the 2018 Pistons & Paint

Once again this year I pointed my Galaxie south for the 2nd Saturday of November for Pistons & Paint in Denton, TX. The Chupacabras CC puts on one heck of a show. More of the story below.

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2018 Okie Sleds Greet With Meat

After fighting a leaky thermostat housing on the Galaxie until 2am I finally gave in and drove the daily driver for the weekend.

Another event that I’ve not been able to attend until this year was the Okie Sleds Greet With Meat. Saturday Oct. 20th I was able to finally fix that by rolling down to OKC to see my Okie Sleds buddies.

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2018 Rumble Run

A shot from a stop on the run.

For the first time since the Rumble in Wichita has become the Rumble Run, I was able to attend this year. I’d been to all of the previous versions of the Rumble, and I’m a huge fan of the Primarys Car Club in Wichita, so it bummed me out to miss the Rumble when it became the Rumble Run, but this year I was not going to miss it!

I got up early Saturday morning and got the Galaxie prepped for the trip, a dead battery slowed me down a bit, but after I got it running it was good the rest of the day. The drive down to American Legion Post 256 on the west side of Wichita went quickly, it was a bit chilly and the forecast had been for rain but when I got there it was clearing up. The day went great with a 60mile run out to a couple small Kansas towns and back to the American Legion. The folks that didn’t want to go on the run stayed behind and had a car show for the few hours that the rest of us were on the poker run.


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2019 Royboy Calendar – SOLD OUT!!!

The 2019 Royboy Productions Calendar is HERE! This year I’m keeping things simple with one single edition with the best of the best hot rod, kustom, truck and drag photos from the previous 13 months.  Scroll down to see samples of the entire calendar and there’s an ordering button at the bottom of this post. The calendars will be printed this month and are scheduled to ship out in the first week of November.

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2018 Affordable Street Rods Open House

When my father said that he wanted to go see the new Affordable Street Rods  and attend the Open House we planned out for him to drive the 1959 Thunderbird while I did a rare thing for me, I just rode along. It was kinda great.

We arrived around 9:00am and watched the cars continue to roll in until we had to leave at 1pm. There were cars from across the region and some from much further away, like Delaware!

All the way from Delaware from One Off Rod & Custom


Affordable had a great lunch lined up with hot dogs, chili, Fritos and more plus a DJ on hand and later in the day live music. Plus there were tons of great door prizes, I was bummed that we had to leave but duty calls.

Scroll down for a few more photos and a link to seeing the entire gallery!

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2018 Hot Rod Hill Climb Video Coverage

Sorry for the delay getting this out! Below you’ll find the video coverage I shot at the 2018 Hot Rod Hill Climb, enjoy!

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