Feature Friday: Rick’s Home Grown Model A

A long time tri-five fan, Rick Salyer enjoyed driving his gorgeous black 1957 Chevy to some shows with his fellow Tulsa, Ok area friend Robert Roggendorff. In a “it’s a small world” twist Roggendorff was a high school buddy with my Dad and his older brother Tom, and after a surprise party reunited Roggendorff with the Scanlans we started going to shows together. The KKOA Leadsled Spectacular, the H.A.M.B. Drags and the Greaserama were all shows that we’ve attended as a big group for a few years.

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Car Feature: Beginner’s Luck? Brandon’s 31 Model A

Sometimes you have to practice for years to get good at something, other times you get it right on your first effort. Brandon McCullough from Tulsa, OK got this 1931 Model A right on his first effort. As a kid he attended “every car show that we could find” with his dad who was always talking about wanting a hot rod coupe. After a few well detailed beautiful bike builds McCullough decided it was time to build a coupe for himself just like Dad had always wanted.


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