2 Month Warning: Kansas City World of Wheels

Like I said yesterday Valentine’s Day 2014 is for car lovers. 2 big indoor shows will go down about 4 hours apart. Yesterday I told you about the Darryl Starbird Exotic Car Show in Tulsa, today we talk about the Kansas City edition of the Autorama World of Wheels. Click here to find out more about the show from the official site.

Here’s a slide show of last year’s show (click here to go to the gallery if you don’t see the slideshow).

See you at a show,

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Show Coverage: 2013 Kansas City World Of Wheels Part 3

Okay for part 3 we’ve moved into the middle section of the building. Housing some drag cars, a kool boat, a bunch of bikes…whoa wait, I’ll just show you it’s a ton easier.

This boat looks like a good time.

Looks sporty 🙂

My nephews need a pair of these.


I can’t decide if I like it or not.

I know I like this one.

And this one.

I thought the whole point of having someone ride with you was to get her to wrap her arms around you???

Big chrome bill

Ben Dragdaddy working on some art, it’s what he does, you should buy lots of it.
Ben Dragdaddy

Quite possibly the koolest wagon ever

One purdy pickup

Ridler Winner….mmmmmm

Built at Bright Built Hot Rods

A bad ass 34 built by my friends at Chaotic Customs in Mulvane, KS

More drag goodness

A mix between minitruckin and old school hot rods

Beautiful 39 Ford Deluxe Street Rod

GORGEOUS 34 Ford Woody

Chad Kolman’s 777 Award winner


A really hot 51 Ford

Last time I saw this rod it had artillery wheels, completely different look in drag mode.

Way out there… I’m not a fan of the headlights but the rest of it I’m down with.

64 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt. No I will not make my 64 Fairlane a T-Bolt.


I like those green walls Clark

Dunna nunna nunna nunna nunna nunna nunna… BATMAN!

That’s it for the show from my eyes. There were obviously more cars than I shot, but either there were too many people around them, the shot didn’t come out or I just wasn’t feeling it. All in all, I’ll come back next year 🙂

See you at a show,


Show Coverage: 2013 Kansas City World Of Wheels Part 2

So yesterday I started off the coverage of the 2013 Kansas City World Of Wheels show, here goes part 2!
I really dig this wagon, if I remember right it’s stance is down a few inches from the last I saw it.
A well done muscle car catches my eye from time to time. Well out of my price range, but it would probably be made to be fun around a road course.
I don’t see enough convertible Mercury’s
Speaking of kool convertibles!
Good looking 34
True Blue 40 Ford
Mmmmm Shelby GT 350… I still have a soft spot for vintage Mustangs.
Clean 40 Chevrolet
One of these is definitely on my wishlist
I remember seeing this setup roll into the Greaserama Pre-Party last year, it garnered a lot of attention.
I REALLY want to take a few laps!
Great setup!
Well, duh.
That’s it for part 2, on to part 3 tomorrow. Click on any of these photos to see the entire gallery! If any of these look like something you’d like to have hanging on your wall, click the photo here, and then use the “buy” button on the page it takes you to.
See you at a show,

Show Coverage: 2013 Kansas City World Of Wheels Part 1

I’m not entirely sure how long I’ve been going to the World of Wheels show in Kansas City’s Bartle Hall. The years have kind of blended together for me. Lots of great friends and lots of fantastic machinery at this show year after year!

The weather was good this year, meaning that there was nothing to keep the spectator crowd away. The showed up for sure, it was packed the entire 6 or so hours that I was in the building. I showed up with t-shirts, hoodies and a bunch of calendars in hand, the first order of business was to deliver all of these goodies so I didn’t have to carry them around. The final stop of that was with my friends of the Los Punk Rods (check out their blog here, lots of great reading here). They are the crew responsible for the Greaserama each Labor Day weekend (see the 2012 Greaserama coverage here.)

Punk Rod Eric’s new ride is coming together nicely. Lots of German influences on the car to reflect Eric’s German roots. Look for a feature here when it is all done!

Punk Rod Dave has built this very kool bike, if I understood correctly it is his first build. The shakedown run was a 3 hour haul ass drive to Salina in 100+ heat, that’s confidence!

Love the hard top roof.

Dan’s busy watching some work being done on the convertible chop job, team headed up by Gene Winfield himself.

Some high end muscle cars on display

Fast Eddie’s Merc

Denny’s sedan always gets people’s attention.

I need to build one of these

I don’t know any details on this build  yet, but I hope to find out some soon. I like where it’s headed!

I better show one of Dan working lest ya think he wasn’t doing anything!

That’s it for part 1, part 2 tomorrow!

See you at a show,


Kansas City World Of Wheels this weekend!!! Lots of Pics from 2012

This coming weekend Feb.9-10th at Bartle Hall in downtown Kansas City is the World of Wheels show! Click here for info on the show, ticketing, etc.

I’ve been attending this show for years, there are usually a great number of cars, and a bunch that I actually like. The Drag display is always kool.
1964 Front Engine DragsterInjected Alcohol

1964 Front Engine DragsterInjected Alcohol

1964 Dodge Front Engine DragsterInjected Alcohol Dodge Wedge

1962 Cadillac Front Engine Dragster

1938 Chevrolet Coupe'A' Gas Supercharged

1962 Cadillac Front Engine Dragster

Last year these great kustoms were on display.
1955 Cadillac

1936 Ford

1948 Cadillac Convertible

1950 Studebaker PickupKustom

1950 Studebaker PickupKustom

1950 Mercury

1949 Mercury

There were some great feature cars as well.
1932 Ford Roadster


1927 Ford T Roadster

1947 Buick RoadmasterKustom

1947 Buick RoadmasterKustom

1947 Buick RoadmasterKustom

The South end of the building is usually populated by my friends the Los Punk Rods and a bunch of their friends. Great rides, great folks.
1951 Ford Pickup

1957 Ford Ranchero

1931 Ford Model A

1930 Ford Roadster

1959 Anglia

1934 Plymouth Coupster

Hope to see you there! If you’re there and you see a goatee’d big man with a red rb hat, you better say hi! Especially if you want some photos of your ride this spring!

See you at a show,