Jonnie King Interviews Bo Huff on the Dixie DeLuxe

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Jonnie King with Bo Huff on “The Hustler”


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This week we’ll check-out BO HUFF’s Tastee-Freeze-Kool ’56 Chevy 210:  “The Hustler” !   This is one sweet ride, and an homage to an old friend of Bo’s.

In this very introspective Interview.  Bo shares his thoughts on lowering your car, and takes a look at how he’s paid his dues through the year’s…and has become one of the most respected builder’s to ever light up a torch.

BO HUFF IS A “LIFER”:  a man who knew what he wanted to do, figured out how to do it right,  and , now is recognized World Wide for his contributions to the R&C Industry.

To hear his story about the beautiful ’56 Tri-Five that he’s put together, SIMPLY CLICK-ON-HERE and your on your way !


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