Asphalt Fiends Coloring Books

My friend John Wells of Vintage Torque is a man on a mission. Both his hugely successful Vintage Torque Fest and Iron Invasion shows raise money for and he’s not stopping there. Also available as a fund raiser are 2 coloring books, I just ordered a couple of the new Asphalt Fiends Coloring Books for gifts for my nephews for Christmas (they are 3 and 5 and I don’t think they read this blog so I am not ruining their surprise). is a foundation to help families who are dealing with the financial burden that comes from having a child with Critical Aortic Stenosis or related Congenital Heart Defects. The Wells family knows all too well what this financial burden looks like, this is their way of helping others going through the same thing.

The coloring books are a veritable who’s who of the hot rod art world. Page after page of heavy hitter artists lending their art in a coloring book line art form. The 2014 edition features art from Zombie, John Detich, Eric Foust, Grant Cushman, Ryan Curtis, Dustin Weisgerber, Kris Chisholm, Shawn Spiwak, Max Grundy, Andrew Wright, Paul Kester, Nate Greco, Shawn Dickinson, ZAKKA, Mike Learn, BigToe, Chad Lambert, Joey Finz, Mark Thompson, Bruce Gossett, Chad Scheres, Scott Fisk, Jeff Gaither, Johnny Jalopy, Corrie Erickson, Jim Hively, Ben DragDaddys Mitchell, BOMONSTER, Del Swanson, Sara Ray, Sinclair, Arlo Dillman, and GerPeters.

coverzombie insidefrontcoverinsidebomonsterdragdaddy


The 2013 edition boasts this line up: Ryan Curtis, Nate Greco, John Detrich, Eric Foust, Mark Thompson, Ruben Montes, Shawn Spiwak, Chainsaw Chuck, Johnny Jalopy, Dane Brown, Bradie O’Neal, Darren Menzies, John Hoogeveen, Chris Hamer, Del Swanson, Thomas Metcalf, Nik Scarlett, Dustin Weisgerber, Grant Cushman, Joey Finz, Chad Scheres, Jeff Schwerdtfeger, Ben DragDaddys Mitchell, Britt Madding, Ryan Curtis, Kurt Wright, Thomas Metcalf, Tom Krohne, Bruce Gossett, Ger Peters and Lil Nick.


jerseydevil nategreco

I’ve been going over the books for a couple of days now and I’m really impressed. There are some fantastic artists featured with a whole truck load of incredible art just waiting for your (or your child’s) coloring touch. So get on over to Asphalt Fiends Coloring Books and get yourself some ordered. Get an extra to keep because these could easily be a great collector’s item.

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2 Month Warning: Starbird-Devlin Rod And Customs Charities Car Show

Just because this year is almost over doesn’t mean that we can’t be looking forward to the start of next year! In these parts January has but one major event. The Starbird-Devlin Rod & Customs Charities Car Show. The show goes down this January 17-19th at the Century II in Wichita, KS. Last year’s show was the first time that I displayed my car for an indoor show and I really had a good time, this year I will again be a part of the Kustom City display featuring Wichita area kustoms. I’m honored to get to have my Galaxie with these beautiful cars!

Here’s a slide show of the photos from this year’s event.

For more info on the show go here.

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2014 Calendar For Charity Progress Report!

2014 Calendar For Charity Progress Report!

In 3 weeks (and 2 days) we’ve sold 76 Calendars, awesome!
The printing bill has been paid, more supplies have been paid for and delivered, total outlay is about $1033.41. So far we have taken in about $785 in calendar sales + shipping.
I have used that money plus $248 of my own to cover the printing costs and I will cover the shipping costs out of my own pocket until enough calendars are sold to pay that back. With 8 weeks left in the year we have to average 22 calendars a week and so far we’ve averaged 23 a week. This is where sales usually drop off a bit. Please share the links to the calendars to friends that have bought them in the past or you think would enjoy them, that extra sharing does really help get the word out.

Now the story gets interesting. As I sat down Wednesday evening Oct. 30th to start to assemble the freshly printed calendars I found that they had been printed incorrectly. In order to bind the calendars at the top the pages have to be printed so that the front and the back of the pages have the same orientation of top to bottom. These did not! 250 copies of wasted paper! As of the writing of this post (4am Central time) I have not heard back from the print shop but I left messages at 7pm on 2 voice mail accounts and 1 email. ***Update at 8:30am: The print shop is reprinting them all to be correct and hopefully I’ll be punching and binding 250 copies this weekend. *** Rest assured they will get printed and they will go out as promised.

The Hot Rods, Kustoms and Stray Kat Kustoms Editions are tied for best sellers so far with 22 sold each but I expect the Stray Kat Edition to take a commanding lead this weekend. If you want one you’d better reserve your copy now by ordering today. There will be NO reprints, it’s not cost-effective unless we’re doing a large batch.

2014 Calendar For Charity: Kustoms Edition $10


2014 Calendar For Charity: Hot Rods Edition $10

2014 Calendar For Charity: Greaserama Edition $10

2014 Calendar For Charity: Stray Kat Kustoms Edition $10

2014 Calendar For Charity: Trucks Edition $10


Thanks folks for pushing this blog to 18,995 views since Aug. 15, 2013!!! October was the biggest month to date as well! Thanks so much for following my adventures look for feature articles, artist features and more to come!


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Calendar Printing Day!

Well folks, the day is finally here, tomorrow the 2014 Calendar for Charity go to the printer! 56 of the 250 have sold so far since going on sale October 9th. We have not raised enough to cover printing costs yet so I will dip into my savings to cover the printing and shipping costs. I’ll really be pushing the calendars hard to get the rest sold and get the costs covered, I’d appreciate any help any of you could give me!

Each edition of the Calendar is only $10 and there is a $5 shipping fee that covers the packaging, shipping, etc. So get more than one and save!

Click on any of these Calendar front pages and go to the web page that they are sold on.
















Thanks to everyone that has purchased calendars so far! I truly appreciate all of you supporting this project year after year.

See you at a show,


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Don’t forget to get your 2014 Calendar for Charity order in ASAP! They’re already going fast, once they’re gone they’re gone!

2014 Calendar for Charity Presale!

The 2014 Calendar For Charity is available for pre-order now! There are 5 editions available, 50 copies of each, that’s all that will ever be made.

Pre-order ends Oct. 31. The calendars will be printed the first week of November and will be shipped the 2nd week.

Over $1000 was raised for charity last year, help top that number this year! Hot Rods, Trucks, & Kustoms editions will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. Stray Kat Kustoms edition will benefit the Red Cross. The Greaserama Edition beneficiary has not been decided as of this posting.
Click the thumbnail photo to go to the store page to order yours!


Note: There may be some design changes along the way but this is basically what the calendars will look like.

Tell your friends, get one for the car guy or gal in your life, make sure you don’t delay because when they are gone, they are gone.

See you at a show,


Looking ahead at the 2014 Calendar For Charity

Looking ahead at the 2014 Calendar For Charity

Starting in 2008 for the 2009 year, Royboy Productions has been creating calendars each year to raise money for various charities. Last year the 6 versions of the 2013 Calendar for Charity raised a total of over $1000.00 profit for their various charities.
Pre-production planning is underway now for the 2014 Calendar for Charity. Last year we sold 190 calendars, this year the goal is 350, 50 each of 7 editions. Traditional Hot Rods, Kustoms, Trucks, Drag Cars, Stray Kat Kustoms, Greaserama and Iron Invasion. The Traditional Hot Rods, Kustoms, Trucks, and Drag Cars editions will all go to fund the Wounded Warrior Project, while the Stray Kat Kustoms, Greaserama and Iron Invasion editions will fund their own respective causes.
The pre-sales for the calendars will start the first weekend of October.  Calendars will be scheduled to start shipping the first week of November. I will need your help to get all of these calendars sold this year. Unlike last year once a certain edition is sold out, it will be sold out this time, NO REPRINTS WILL BE AVAILABLE. I will be emailing everyone that ordered a calendar last year to let them know that they will have the chance to do so this year as well.
If you would like an email letting you know when the pre-sale becomes active send a message here with “Calendar” in the comment box. You’ll receive an email and a link to the pre-sale page when it becomes active.
Thank you for supporting Royboy Productions and the fine charities that we are able to support together via the annual Calendar For Charity Project.
See you at a show,

Last chance for the 2013 Calendar For Charity!

The 2013 Calendar for Charity has been a big success!

This is the first year that the calendars were professionally printed, a big investment up front but luckily the paper was donated this year so that printing was only major expense in getting the calendars off the ground. As last year these calendars are printed in the ginormous 11×17 size and each and every month features 2 kool car photos! Order at!

This year 6 copies were available (click on the thumbnails to see the entire calendar):
The Trucks, Hot Rods, and Kustom editions all were sold to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.

The 3 Show specific editions went to individual causes.
The Stray Kat Kustoms Edition benefitted the Red Cross, as Mr. Stray Kat Kustoms himself (Mickey) said, they were here to help when we had a tornado, and they’re still there help folks like Joplin last year. For info on the Stray Kat Kustoms shows go to  Order at!

The Greaserama Edition went to benefit the Punk Rod Todd Memorial Fund. The world suffered a loss last year when Todd passed, his vision and drive helped focus the Greaserama into the kool kulture event that it is today and he was one of the good guys. Thanks again for being a great guy Todd, we all miss ya, even those of us that barely knew ya. For info on the Greaserama go to Order at!

The Hannahs Heart Edition went to benefit the Helping Hannah’s Heart Foundation. Please take a minute and go check out this great cause. Hannah’s daddy John is a good friend and I’m glad to be able to do a very small part of helping out. Support Vintage Torque DVD’s, Torque Fest and Iron Invasion! Order at!


Total money raised this year for all 6 calendars has been over $1,100.00 so far! With less than a week left there are still 27 copies left. The Hannah’s Heart and the Stray Kat Kustoms editions are sold out but there are handfull left of the Greaserama, Kustoms, and Trucks Editions. As of the time of this writing there are only 2 copies of the Hot Rod Edition left!

To order go to These will pulled from sales on February 1, so if you want one, order today!!!

See you at a show,