Upcoming Event: Automobilia Moonlight Show

Each year I try to make this show, but last year was the first one where I was happy with my photos from it. The show attracts all manner of rides from the region and a huge amount of people. Getting there early for photos was the only way to go.

I’m a sucker for Caddys
All the way from WI I believe for this 60 El Camino, we crossed paths again at Iron Invasion later in the year as well.
This wasn’t the first or the last time seeing this great little hot rod pickup last year. I really dig it.
A row of alligators.
This 49 Ford Coupe was new to me.
John Sinfellow’s gasser is just too kool of a barn find.
I should have come back and shot this again in the dark.
Those are some of my favorites from the show from 2012. The 2013 show goes down in Downtown Wichita on July 13th.
See you at a show,

Shop Visit: Atlas Speed & Custom

The 3rd and final shop visit of my trip to the Texas Thaw  (part 1part 2part 3) was at Atlas Speed and Custom in Denison, TX (see the last visit here).  Another shop owned by friends of mine and another shop full of kool stuff happening.

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Daddy-o’s 41 Chevy waiting to head to it’s new home, more on that later…
March 2013 Atlas Speed & Custom Custom Shop Visit0001

March 2013 Atlas Speed & Custom Custom Shop Visit0002

March 2013 Atlas Speed & Custom Custom Shop Visit0004

March 2013 Atlas Speed & Custom Custom Shop Visit0005

March 2013 Atlas Speed & Custom Custom Shop Visit0010

My buddy Jeff’s Coupe, mid-chop, this car should be at the Lonestar Roundup and maybe the Stray Kat 500.

March 2013 Atlas Speed & Custom Custom Shop Visit0007

March 2013 Atlas Speed & Custom Custom Shop Visit0009

March 2013 Atlas Speed & Custom Custom Shop Visit0025

March 2013 Atlas Speed & Custom Custom Shop Visit0023

Here  you see the new frame for the coupe.
March 2013 Atlas Speed & Custom Custom Shop Visit0024

Last time I was down to Atlas Daddy-o was working on this amazing roadster.
March 2013 Atlas Speed & Custom Custom Shop Visit0013

March 2013 Atlas Speed & Custom Custom Shop Visit0011

Daddy-o’s Sedan has recently gotten a heart transplant with a bit more umph. Just shady pics for now, more to come after the next couple of visits to the shop.
March 2013 Atlas Speed & Custom Custom Shop Visit0014

March 2013 Atlas Speed & Custom Custom Shop Visit0021

March 2013 Atlas Speed & Custom Custom Shop Visit0034

Love the old signs that Atlas has all over the place. The “Quonset Hut of Speed” as Ryan from the H.A.M.B. called the shop.
March 2013 Atlas Speed & Custom Custom Shop Visit0028

That’s it for this visit, hope you enjoyed the 3 shop tours, I intend to do more with these 3 shops specifically but also a couple of others that I know.

See you at a show,


Car Feature: Krobe’s 30 Model A Coupe

At the 2011 KKOA Leadsled Spectacular I was approached by my friend Mickey of Stray Kat Kustoms car shows with some good news. Our mutual friend and fellow Stray Kat, Krobe had been asked to do a feature of his beautiful 30 Model A Ford for Car Kulture Deluxe. Mickey and Krobe had been kind enough to mention to Alan Mayes of CKD that they knew a photographer at the show that could handle photographing the car, lucky for me that was me!

Continue reading “Car Feature: Krobe’s 30 Model A Coupe”

The show that started it all…

Essentially I started this kustom and hot rod photographic adventure in 2006. That’s the first photos that I have from my old Sony Digital camera with the small CD discs. I remember that first day in Lawrence, KS filling the camera up with about 180 photos and resorting to my phone’s camera to cover the rest of the show. Those photos were less than inspiring… from both cameras. The show was the 2006 Kruzin’ In The Heartland held in Lawrence, KS.

I’d seen the ad for the show in Ol Skool Rodz I believe, my uncle Paul (povertyflats to many of  you) and my father and I headed up early on Saturday morning to see the show. It was supposed to be hot that day and we were leaving by about noon, but there were only a couple hundred cars max so it wasn’t hard to get all the way through the show in that time.

I had never really seen a hot rod like this, I was used to street rods, this was something new to me, many of these rides looked attainable. Most of the street rods were kind of about how big the billet wheels were, or how much it cost to have this or that machined, these weren’t about that game at all.

The first time I really stopped to look at a FED. I was amazed that the driver was resting his important parts on a part of the car that seemed somewhat fragile kind of like sitting on a grenade and then pulling the pin.

I’ve seen this one around a few times, as I remember it was pretty fast in Salina a couple of years later, then it got kept out of Hunnert a year or two after that for wheels that were too new or something along those lines (those wheels are not on it in this photo).

Don’t shoot into the sun!

I did that a lot that day

Dad in his somewhat goofy hat on the right.

I shot a lot more engines and interiors that day than I do now, maybe I should take the time to do more of those shots, some of  you might appreciate that.

Hey I know that car! Krobe’s other ride! See an article about his 30 Model A Coupe tomorrow here on this blog, use the subscribe feature on the right to make sure you don’t miss it.

This ride would drastically change over the next few years. Built by Bright Built Hot Rods in Salina, KS. After an unfortunate accident with a Subaru, it would become much different.

Hmmmm this one looks familiar too… right Eric?

My first photo of The Tiki Taxi, now Steve has become a good friend.

Jack’s 30 Coupe, Jack’s not too bad a fella either. He also owns the 29 Roadster on 32 rails that I shot a video of last year, and his 51 Ford is under construction now, see the post on Fast AL’s Upholstery for a shot of it.

I wonder now how different my life would have been for those next few years if I’d actually met a few of my hoodlum friends that day instead of seeing their cars and meeting them 6 years later.

Any way that it happened, I’m glad to be able to look back and see my friends were there all along, we just hadn’t crossed paths yet. Get out to a show this year, take a kid and get them involved, meet the people, scope the cars, enjoy it all.

See you at a show,


2013 Starbird-Devlin Car Show for Charity: A Look Back Pt. 2

In Part 1 I went through some back history of the show from my cameras up to 2010.

So now on to 2011

Something I wrote at the time:
“In the dead of winter each January it’s a pleasure every year to get together with my hotrod and kustom family and spend some time inside WITH a bunch of cool cars. The Darryl Starbird Rod & Custom show in Wichita, KS typically pulls about 400 cars max for a 3 day indoor show. As the name implies rods and customs show in abundance, but so do stock restorations, survivors, 4×4’s, lowriders, rat rods, and various types of racers.

A couple of very cool front engine dragsters were on display this year, as were some very nice traditional built hot rods. Traditional built rods are not rats, and this show had both build styles represented nicely. The car count and the vendor count both seemed down this year, but that was a blessing instead of a hinderance. Less cars means more room to get around the cars, and it seemed that the cars that didn’t show were the ones that I normally don’t shoot anyhow, so the show’s overall quality went up as a result.

The Marauders and Fundamentals had great club displays with the Marauders taking home the prize for best display for their “model” car display complete with giant exacto knives and Testor paint bottles to complete the look. The Fundamentals went with a beach theme and rumor has it some Marauders may have been involved with an incident involving Baby Ruth candy bars being dropped in the Fundamentals “sand” (kitty litter). I’m not going to say where the story came from or how hard the person who told it to me was laughing when he told how they did it.”

My friend Mike’s super clean Camaro

Just your basic 5 window hot rod coupe

Jack’s 30 Ford 5 Window Coupe as part of the Mulvane Marauder’s display


Chris and Karma Carlson’s 60 Pontiac Stella (owners of Chaotic Customs in Mulvane, KS)

2011 Darryl Starbird Wichita, KS
Mike Young’s way wild 29 Roadster

2011 Darryl Starbird Wichita, KS
A Historic hot rod brought down from McPherson College, the Paul Harris 32

2011 Darryl Starbird Wichita, KS
Rocky Burris’ Wild Winged Ford pickup “TooKool”

2011 Darryl Starbird Wichita, KS
Tom Hanna’s gorgeous FED

2011 Darryl Starbird Wichita, KS

2011 Darryl Starbird Wichita, KS
A couple of Starbird’s BubbleTops


Jack Marinelli's 29 Model A Roadster
Jack’s 29 AV8 Roadster, a survivor from the 50’s
Video Feature on this car.
Episode 1:Jack Marinelli tells the story behind his historic hot rod. A 29 Model A on 32 frame with a 46 drivetrain, this hot rod was build in the mid 50's and sits today almost exactly the way it did then. This car is no enclosed trailer princess that sits in a museum, it is driven, and driven like it's stolen. Music by Pushrod www.pushrodengage.com This episode sponsored by www.straykatkustoms.com

Gene Weaver's 1954 Chevrolet Belair
Gene Weaver’s 54 Chevy, 95% owner built, and beautifully done.

Larry & Denise James' 1967 Cadillac Coupe Deville
Larry James’ 67 Caddy

Rob & Eillen Robinson1949 Plymouth
Rob Robinson’s 49 Plymouth, customized by Chaotic Customs

Ed Pogue1947 Ford Custom Coupe
A beautiful Kustom 47 Ford

Roger Jetter1955 Cadillac
Roger Jetter’s amazing 54 Cadillac

Big Lip Camaro, always impresses

Doc Parsons1923 Ford Windster
Doc Parson’s 27 T, one of the koolest hot rods out there.

Roger Morrison1932 FordBerardini Brothers #404
Roger Morrison’s 32, The Berardini Brothers #404 (great story and video at that link)

The show is Jan. 18-20 at Century II in Wichita, KS  go to starbirddevlin.com for more info.

See you at a show,


What’s coming up for January & February 2013

The schedule for 2013 is already filling up! This post will be a breakdown of some of the shows of the first few months, have a look at the info I provide, check out the photos from years past and pick a couple out to attend!


Jan. 18-20th
Wichita, KS Starbird-Devlin Charity Car Show “The Wichita Tradition”
See the 2012 photos here
Jack Marinelli's 29 Model A Roadster 

See the 2011 photos here

For more info on the show go here: starbirddevlin.com


Feb. 8-10 
Kansas City, MO 53rd Annual O’Reilly Auto Parts World of Wheels
See the 2012 photos here:
1934 Plymouth Coupster

See the 2011 photos here:

For more info on the show go here: Autorama.com

Feb. 15-17 
Tulsa, OK 49th Annual Starbird Exotic Car Show
See the 2012 photos here:
The Vibrasonic Roadster

See the 2011 photos here:

For more information on the show go here: darrylstarbird.com

Feb. 23-24
Park City, KS The Park City Chill
See the 2012 photos here:

See the 2011 photos here:

For more information on the show go here: bartelproductions.com/chill.html

That’s it for my schedule through the end of February. I’ll update you on March-April next month!

See you at a show,


Heading out today for the 3rd Annual Mid Decembrrrr Run

So as I sit here typing we’re a couple of hours away from the 3rd Annual Mid Decembrrrr Run. Folks from hundreds of miles away are now on their way to Salina, KS to meet up and go on a long drive in our classic cars. It’s been a really good time so far, hopefully this year is too!

This will be it as far as 2012 goes for me and my cameras. It’s been a fantastic year, went new places, met new people and had a great time throughout it all. For 2012 there are 33 galleries with 7,987 photos so far, whew, my shutter finger is tired! To see them all go here: http://royboyproductions.smugmug.com/Cars/2012
Some of my favorites are

Fuel Altered “Black Mariah” doing a smoky burnout at the 2012 KKOA Leadsled Spectacular, see more from that weekend here.

Twin Hemi’d rail doing a smoky burnout at the 2012 KKOA Leadsled Spectacular, see more from that weekend here.

The Anderson 36 at the 2012 Iron Invasion, see more from that show here.

The Chrismas Brothers Coupe at the 2012 Iron Invasion, see more from that show here.

About a year ago I joined Instagram, it’s been a fun way to give new life to some old photos and spread the word about what it is that I do here. http://instagram.com/royboyprods is where you can find those photos if you are not already on Instagram.

Have a great weekend, I’m off with a bunch of my rod/kustom friends for a road trip. Merry Christmas and I’ll see you at a show,



Shoeboxes shoeboxes shoeboxes!

Those of you that know me know that I’ve recently purchased a 51 Ford, affectionately known as a shoebox. I’ve loved this body style for quite awhile and I’m excited to get started working on mine later this year (after finishing some upgrades to the 63 Galaxie).

So as I was looking through my site I realized that I have a ton of shoebox photos! I started gathering them up and so far from the first gallery up through the 2012 Lonestar Roundup gallery there are over 414 photos of shoeboxes of various forms and levels of kustomizing.  You can see the whole gallery here if you’d like to look around.

I am no expert but here is some info that I’ve been able to pick up along the way. (for more detailed info you can go to the Wiki page here)

So what years of the Ford are considered shoeboxes?
1949-1951 due to their “slab side” design, gone are the bulging fenders and they are replaced with a relatively straight body shell.

Here’s an example of the side of the body.

Compared to the 46-48 style before it.

How do you tell the years apart?

Here is an example of a 49, note the single “bullet” grille, triangular turn signals at the end of the grille bar and the FORD letters on the hood.

The 50 carries on the single bullet design but moves to a  rectangular turn signals in the trim pieces that wrap around the front bumper and badge at the front of the hood.

By 1951 they moved to the easily identifiable double bullet grille design and round turn signals.

While many chop their shoeboxes, I am torn on what I will do. Speaking of roofs though, here’s an example of the Victoria model roof.

VS. the standard sedan roof

Here’s an example of the factory coupe roofline

They also came in the Country Squire “woody” version

From the factory these cars came with flathead 6’s or 8’s. My 51 came with a 239 cu. in flathead V8 “8BA” motor and a 3speed with Overdrive transmission. I have heard that there were automatics available in 51 with the Ford-o-matic transmission. Atomic Hot Rods just released a cool documentary on the Flathead last year called A Sweet Sickness: The Flathead Movie Go to the site to order a copy for yourself, click here to see the trailer.

These cars all have coil springs in the front and leaf spring setups in the back. The most common way to get them down a ways is to use Moog CC850 Variable Rate Coil Spring in the front and simple Lowering Blocks in the back. For a ton of info on that see this thread on the H.A.M.B.

Some kool kustoms that have inspired me

Clean, low and with a tricked out flathead under the hood. I’m told this belongs to Roy Fields and I need to meet him to say thanks for the inspiration.

Another very clean example this time with I believe a 53 Chevy grille, I don’t know the owners name but this appears to have been at the KKOA Leadsled Spectacular in Salina, KS at the old location.

My buddy Jack’s 50.


Another buddy’s sectioned shoebox

With kustom work by Premier Body & Paint’s Jeff Myers in Arkansas City, KS Michael Shea’s shoebox is way kool.

Another way kustom version, chopped top, Olds grille, lots of kool touches all around.

Yaril drove his 50 all the way from Miami, FL to Salina, KS for the 2011 KKOA Leadsled Spectacular.

Here’s a clone of Junior Conway’s 50. For more info on the original go to this link at kustomrama.

2011 KKOA Leadsled Spectacular Friday

That’s it for now, I may revisit this later and talk some more about these cars.
Oh I almost forgot a silly cell phone pic of mine.

See you at a show,



9/14/13 Update: I had my buddy Chris over at Shoebox Central look through here for any errors, thanks for taking the time Chris! If anyone needs parts for their Shoebox Ford or even some Merc stuff of the era, head over to Shoebox Central.