Guest Post : The Curless 32 Ford : A Feature from Gears And Gals Magazine

From Gears And Gals Magazine:

Story by Donnie Adams – Pics by Steve Giangreco – Model is Maggie Mae

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Guest Post From Gears And Gals Magazine: So Fine Chevy

Royboy Note: From time to time you can find features on the site from my good friends at Gears And Gals MagazineGo here to see the review I did of Gears and Gals when I started subscribing.


In the Summer of 1959 at the Kansas City Drag Strip, a young eight year old boy eyes a bright red 1939 Chevy staging against its competitor.The snarling beast inches forward trying to unleash its wrath as the driver Bob Worley fights her back. The signal is given, the clutch releases and the red monster roars, breaking free from its confine! The slicks dig into the track! The front tires are sent into the air and are gaining altitude as the young boy intently stares on. With no desire of letting up, the red Chevy keeps digging in until she’s resting on her back bumper and light is shining under her rear slicks!

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Artist Feature: Ed Tillrock

Next up for the Artist Feature part of the site is Ed Tillrock! Ed’s talent with any artistic medium is staggering to someone like me that struggles with stick figures but when he has a pencil in his hand he’s just downright amazing. Ed produces pencil drawings that you will swear are some sort of Photoshop manipulation of a black and white photo, but I’ve sat and watched the man create these amazing images on blank paper. It’s nothing short of amazing.

Without any further ado…

57 Gasser Drawing w pencil

Q: Do you remember an “ah-ha” moment that made you know that art was going to be an integral part of your life?
A: As a kid I wanted to be an architect, but loved to draw! The “ah-ha” moment came in High School in an architecture class. I discovered Architectural Rendering! Art and architecture… A perfect fit for me…. I became a renderer! Did that for over 30 years, until the wheels came off the economy… It turned out to be a good thing for me… About 6 years ago I merged my passions for art and hot rods. I work more now than I ever have, but it’s not work! It’s a labor of love… Drawing with a regular #2 pencil is what I have done my whole life. It was a natural progression for me to scribble hot rods with graphite on illustration board. I love the depth and richness I get with it. I treat my art as if it’s oil on canvas, but it’s all pencil!

Brians 32 Sedan

Q: If you could pick 1 piece of your work that would represent the entire body of your work, which one would you choose?
A:  Bus Stop

Bus Stop lg w pencil

Q:Who or what most inspires your work?
A: Tom Fritz’s oil paintings really inspire me. He’s got that passion, hard working effort and he’s a great guy to hang around with. (I hate him!)
Max (World-Wide) Grundy is such an energizing force. He never stops! His passion for his art is unbelievable.
I could also add, Kenny Youngblood, Steve Stanford, Chip, Frank Lloyd Wright, and of course Norman Rockwell….

IG Chez lg w pencil

Q: What’s 1 piece of advice you’d give an artist that’s just starting out today?

A: Learn to draw by hand! Computers are fantastic, but before you can run you need to walk. The basics are important…. And draw every day!!!

Connect with Ed online:

FB:  Ed Tillrock
Instagram: @PencilSpecialist



Thanks Ed for taking the time to answer the questions and for sharing some of your art with all of us! Folks, go to Ed’s site, buy his art, it’s that simple and makes amazing Christmas gifts.

See you at a show,


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