1949 Ford : Roy Fields’ Custom Shoebox Feature

“You’re going to want to replace that flathead.” That’s the first words of many people when we talk about my 51 Ford. They tell me how they would be good for tooling around town or this or that but for the amount that I drive I’m going to want to replace it with something more powerful and modern. My counter argument is Roy Fields’ 1949 Ford. Not only has this car been all over the country including taking Fields to Bonneville to run he and his brother’s LSR car. Tales of that drive include extended high speed runs proving the motor’s longevity.

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Chrome Pipes & Pinstripes Episode 3: The Doctor Is In W/ Guest Jimmy “Doc” Parsons

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Last Weekend’s Show: 2014 NSRA Southwestern Nationals held in Oklahoma City, OK

  • Coverage Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
  • Lots of cars, stockers, mildly customized, hot rods, street rods, wildly customized, a few actual kustoms and everything else you can imagine
  • Spectators everywhere, seems to be a theme this year. Good thing because it means that people are willing to spend money, in this case $15 a head to come to car shows, maybe a new boom in car building is on the horizon as well.
  • Got to spend the day with my buddy Jared. He drove over from Tulsa to hang out at the show and it was great to walk around the event with a buddy that’s not quite as ate up with this whole car thing as I am, gave me a different perspective on some of the cars.
  • After the show I followed him back to Tulsa, had dinner with him and his wife and then I passed out on the couch while the NASCAR race was on
  • Sunday I went over to Doc Parson’s house with the intention of filming a feature video on his hot rod “Rowdy” but the weather was not cooperating.
  • Wemic’d him up and recordedalittle bit for you to hear here on the podcast.
    • Doc Parsons was a racer for more than 5 decades all over the U.S. and abroad
    • Stories that I got to hear but we didn’t get recorded told tales of gold prospecting in Peru, diving on shipwrecks and coming up with artifacts, building a car for some bigger tracks that USAC outlawed before it finished it’s 3rd race
    • his shop was full of racing memorabilia that all means something to him whether or not it means something to the rest of the world.
    • Photo Apr 13, 1 36 59 PM
      Doc’s 1 year in a drag effort was in this car.

      Photo Apr 13, 1 41 12 PM
      One of the vintage photos of Doc and one of his cars.
    • Doc’s “Rowdy”
      The very rare intake with 3 single barrel and 1 2 bbl carb and hidden nitrous plumbing underneath.
      Here you can see the holes drilled in the Halibrand wheels to balance them.

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Week In Review: 1-27-14


Tech: Ryno Built Saves My Ride



Shop Visit: Ryno Built 1-25-14



Shop Visit: Fast AL’s Upholstery 1-26-14



1 Month Warning: The Chill


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North Texas Has 1 Month To Thaw!

2013 was the first time that I headed down to Denton, TX’s Northstar Dragway for the Texas Thaw. The combination vintage drag races and car show was 6 years old in 2013 and had one of it’s biggest turnouts to date. The 2014 Texas Thaw goes down on March 1, again at the NorthStar Dragway right along I-35 outside of Denton, TX. For all of the info on the show go to the official website here or here on facebook.


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Photo Jan 16, 6 41 06 PM

Event Coverage: Rocky Mountain Auto Show Pt. 4

Part 4 and the final post of the show coverage from the Creme De La Chrome Rocky Mountain Auto Show in Denver Colorado held over Thanksgiving Weekend. This post features a bunch of rides that were on display in the Hot Rod Hill Climb area as well as the Deluxe Speed Shop display. Some of my favorites of the show.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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That’s it for my whirlwind trip up to Denver and back on Black Friday. After that last pic I hopped in my daily driver and high tailed it east for 422 miles, had some drinks with friends and family and called it a day. I hope you enjoyed the coverage of the show! More fresh content for you tomorrow morning at 9am Central!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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Event Coverage: Rocky Mountain Auto Show Pt. 3

Part 3 of the show coverage from the Creme De La Chrome Rocky Mountain Auto Show in Denver Colorado held over Thanksgiving Weekend.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

To see the daily Monday through Saturday blog posts in your email inbox as soon as they go live go to the top right hand corner of royboyproductions.com and enter your email address. On the last day of each month 1 subscriber will be randomly picked to win a prize, November’s prize was a rb Embroidered Hat. For December I’m working on getting a big bunch of prizes from different websites, including shirts, discounts and whatever else I can round up!

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Shop Visit: Dave Stuckey, Kustom Legend

A couple of weeks ago I was in Wichita on a Saturday afternoon and I decided to finally head over to kustom/hot rod/general car guy legend Dave Stuckey’s. Some may know Stuckey’s name, he was the man originally responsible for the amazingly kool kustom “Lil Coffin” (read more about that here). Dave has been working for awhile on a couple of really cool projects, one of them being a somewhat drag version of Lil Coffin, not that it set out that way but there are some similarities in the overall design of the body. His attention to detail on this project is phenomenal. Lots of kustom touches on items that will never be seen by most people let alone noticed, some subtle, some not so subtle. I won’t show you too much of the car, it needs to be a surprise. Here are some shots of it.

Another project in the works is this coupe, he has a beautiful flathead built for it and is just waiting to finish the big project to get back on it.

Here’s a shot of my favorite version of the Lil Coffin on an old Starliner poster. (More info on the upcoming Starliner show) I’m hoping to be able to stop in more often and sit with Stuckey and a video camera so that he can tell you some of his stories in his voice. It’s part of project that I hope to spend more time on in the future, more on that later.

See you at a show,


1 Month Warning: Hot Rod Hill Climb

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My 1951 Ford Custom: Resurrection Part 2

Part 1 | Part 2

In the week since the last post about my 51 I’ve driven the 63 Galaxie 13 hours round trip to Springfield, MO for the Queen City Riot and I’ve done a small amount of work on the 51. To see more about the Queen City Riot show coverage see the gallery here or the blog posts Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

All that I got done on the 51 this week was installing a new fuel pump and verifying that it was in fact working. Installing the pump shouldn’t have taken nearly as long as I took, but it’s on now. Just a hint, if the engine is still in the car, it’s easier to take off the pump and the housing that it’s attached to than to remove the pump from that housing, unless you have a special 1/2″ shorty wrench or super thin walled sockets. So after some cursing, some head scratching and using an old Cragar S/S wheel with tire as a platform to stand on, I got the pumps swapped out.

Next step was to get the pump plumbed. Dammit. On both the inlet and outlet the new pump had larger connectors than the existing lines that the car had. A trip to Salina (20 miles each way) and 3 different stores (the 2 auto parts stores didn’t have them) and I came up with a set of new hose barbs and some new hoses. I replaced the existing rubber lines with the new hoses, primed the carb, hooked up the battery and turned the key.

She sputtered for a second or two, ran out of the gas in the carb and died. The fuel bowl was still empty on the fued pump too. So I cranked it a few times to see if the pump was able to draw any fuel up from the tank. Bone dry. After a few more attempts the battery was dieing and I was tired anyways so I called it a night. The plan for the next day would be to charge the battery, and see if the fuel pump could pull gas out of a water bottle directly next to it.

The next day I ran out to my Dad’s to borrow a gas can, the 5 mile trip was better than the 20 miles to town, and to pick up my battery charger that he’d bought for me years ago. Since I’ve recently decided to actually start working on my cars in my garage it would be good to have it home. I hooked up the battery charger and went into the house for some lunch. Upon my return I filled the water bottle with gas and stuck the fuel pump feed hose into it and tried the ignition again. Again the car only sputtered for a few seconds but I could see the fuel pump was pulling gas out of the bottle. Yay! that means that the pushrod between the cam and fuel pump might work.

Next up will be to see if I can get the car to run on that bottle of gas in the engine compartment. If so, then I need to replace the soft line at the fuel tank and try to use the air compressor to blow air through the hard line to make sure it’s not clogged shut. After that I’ll reconnect my new soft fuel lines at the tank and lightly use the compressor to put air into the tank to try to force the fuel up the line towards the pump. If the engine is capable of running and that line is full of fuel, we might be able to get her to move under her own power.

The tank is visibly newer than the straps that hold it into the car but I still will snake a camera down the filler pipe to see what the inside of the tank looks like. If need be I have a tank sealer kit waiting standby.

So, that’s where it stands for now, I hope to report next week that she is moving under her own power, see you at a show,


My 1951 Ford Custom: Resurrection Part 1

My 1951 Ford Custom: Resurrection Part 1

1951 Ford  0004

On Memorial Day 2012 my father, my nephew Gannon and I went to Kanopolis Lake about 40 miles west of Salina, KS with the truck and trailer to pick up my 1951 Ford Custom 2 Door Sedan. I’m hoping to do as much of this car as possible myself, and I’m no mechanic. This will be a challenge but I hope to show a bunch of you that you can tackle these jobs involved in bringing an old car back to life if you break them down into small jobs.

1951 Ford  0001

From the outside the car looks to be all there. While it wont start and the previous owner said that he drove it from Salina to the lake home, he said it was missing on a couple of cylinders by the time that he got to the lake.

After a quick hose down I see that the weather stripping is not doing it’s job, so I pull back the carpet where the water had dripped to see what was underneath and I find a flattened out Folgers Coffee can as a floor patch. No biggie the floors can be replaced.

1951 Ford  0011

1951 Ford  0010

1951 Ford  0013
1951 Ford  0008

The paint looks decent for the most part, probably a 70’s era re-spray, the trunk was in the sun for 8 years so it’s rather oxidized and faded. After a year, I finally got a space cleaned out in my garage at home and I drug the car home so that I could start to tinker with her and see if I could bring the ol flathead back to life. The factory front grille was removed to go on my buddy Jack’s 51 Ford Kustom that he’s just finished with the help of Chaotic Customs, Fast A.L.’s Upholstery and others, and it will be replaced with a 54 Pontiac grille that I have.

1951 Ford  0017

Wanting to do things myself as much as possible but knowing when to call in an expert, I had a friend rebuild the factory carb, if I had done that myself it would be months before I did it. So now with a new carb and a freshly charged battery I try to start the old girl. No go. Not getting a drop of fuel out of the fuel pump even though the bowl on the pump is full. A trip to O’Reillys and a new fuel pump is on the way. So next up is to swap the fuel pump and try her again.

1951 Ford  0046

Once the car is running and I can take it for the occasional drive up and down the block it’s time to save up for a wiring harness. The 60 year old cloth covered wiring is in bad need of replacement. In the mean time I have a set of Ford Aerostar springs for the front which will bring the front end down about 3 inches and give the car a better ride quality, for the rear my buddy Jack has given me a set of blocks to get the altitude right.

Power washing the gunk off the bottom of the car

Another upgrade that I hope to do soon is installing a 77 Ford Maverick rear end, from everything that I’ve read it’s a near perfect fit and a much higher quality rear end with a better suited gear than the factory setup. The 3 speed with OD should mate well with the new rear gears. Before I can install that I need to get a lesson in how to rebuild brakes so I can finish the Maverick rear end before it goes under the car.

First “drive”


See you at a show,

Guest Blog! Dan’s Hot Rod Photo goes to Detroit!

Guest Blog!
My buddy Dan Podobinski is a photographer based out of Indiana, he attends a lot of the same type of shows that I do.  Since I can’t be everywhere at once, Dan was nice enough to share some of his images from the 2013 Detroit Autorama with all of you through the blog here. Okay class now all together say “Thank You Dan!” You may have seen some of his work recently in Car Kulture Deluxe Magazine, or on the HAMB. You need to go follow his page on Facebook here and buy some prints of his great photographs! And now on with the show!

’13 Detroit Autorama…
The Best of the Basement…

By Dan Podobinski

Detroit Autorama, the very words are enough to excite many a hot rodder, filling them with anticipation of what wondrous creations wait within the walls of Cobo Hall.  This is especially true when it comes to the Autorama Extreme, an area dedicated to traditionally styled hot rods and customs as well as the amazing art that is inspired by them.  It only seems appropriate that this part of the show is located in the lower level of Cobo Hall, away from the glitz and glamour of the indoor show circuit.  This is where the real, honest hot rods are.  Not that these cars are not nicely finished or held in high regard by their owners.  They are, but these cars are driven, often hard and without mercy.  With all of this in mind I present to you my very own “Best of the Basement” from the ’13 Detroit Autorama…

1. Larry Tucker’s 1934 Ford Pickup.  In typical Jason Graham style it is an exercise in extremes.  It’s delicate wire wheels and subtle brown paint stand in stark contrast to its 6-carbed, blown 454 Chevy.


2. Brian Wisniewski’s 1950 Chevy coupe came from New Jersey to join the fray.  It’s fully dressed 6-cylinder , chrome reverse wheels and killer paint gave it the “look.”


3. Gene Winfield’s old 1935 Ford shop truck, now beautifully restored and residing with Gary Hatfield in Canton, Texas is an obvious choice.


4. Jim Richmond’s glorious tribute to the historic Pierson Bros. coupe is another obvious choice for inclusion on my list.


5. Chad Folkema’s fantastic A coupe on ’32 rails has been a favorite of mine since I saw it in its unfinished state at the Relix Riot show a couple years back.  The flathead Lincoln V-12 and outstanding fit & finish make it a stunner.


6. Dave Gray is the lucky owner of the newly finished “Chemical City Coupe” 1932 Ford five window.  With Buick Nailhead power and details galore, the Jokerr Fabrication built menace is pure evil on wheels.


7. Everybody in the hobby knows the name George Poteet and his Bonneville inspired 3-window Ford is a thing of beauty…stance courtesy of the boys at the Rolling Bones shop.


8. Jeff Watkin’s 1956 Buick Special is another looker.  The satin black is offset by the wild, 60’s style red flake with all kinds of neat tricks buried in it.


9. Steve Gilmore’s 1963 Ford Unibody pickup is the kind of clean, simple daily driver we all dream of owning.


10. Mark & Ryan Rogerson’s 1955 Chevy is as pure a 60’s style street bruiser as you will find.  A very stout, high winding small block backed by a Muncie 4-speed and a Pontiac rearend sporting 4:88 gears ensure that the stoplight to stoplight action will be a thrill!


11. Kerry Sitar’s 331 Hemi powered A on ’32 rails is just mean, and that’s enough.


12. My last pick, though not in the basement, would have fit right in.  This wild, 60’s show rod styled 1934 Ford 5-window coupe belongs to Beau Boeckmann of North Hills, California.   Take a moment to bask in what was the excess of 1960’s show rods!


Thanks Dan! Folks remember to go over to Dan’s Hot Rod Photos and like the page to keep up to date with all that Dan is doing.

See you at a show,


Royboy Friends: RJay’s Speed Shop

If you’re building a hot rod or street rod you need parts. You can go to the junk yard or swap meet, get dirty, maybe find something maybe not, maybe have to fix it if you do find it, or you can order new stuff.  If you are in a time crunch ordering parts can be a life saver. Have a look at my friends over at RJay’s Speed Shop.

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You can have a look at some of their customer’s cars here.

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Support the small mom & pop places, get good stuff at good prices and build something kool.

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