Chrome Skulls, Bugs, Cowboy Hats & Yes Even Car Parts

I’m sure most of you have heard of spray on chrome. It’s been around for awhile now. Not many people are doing it right so you see guys routinely pop up, show off a few pieces and then disappear. That’s not the case at Alternative Chrome Creations at 8900 S. Broadway in Haysville, KS. They have been slowly perfecting the art of chroming anything that you can paint for a couple of years now. You won’t see any big advertising from them, or booths at shows across the country…yet. Owner Larry Perkins says “we wanted to be sure we could deliver a quality product before we started marketing all over the place. Even without it we are busy all of the time.” Their shop was full of parts in various stages of the process including some finished pieces that were really amazing.

I’m sure I have some Texas friends that want this piece.

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