Kansas City Double Header Weekend!

For the last few years each Labor Day weekend have been a double header in Kansas City. The Goodguys Midwest Nationals take over the Kansas Speedway and the Los Punk Rods Greaserama invades the Boulevard Drive In for a weekend of good times, cool cars & great people.

Here’s the coverage from 2011’s Greaserama,

And here’s the coverage of the 2011 Goodguys Midwestern Nationals,

Look for new galleries on Monday from the 2012 shows!

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2012 H.A.M.B. Drags Coverage!

Click any of the photos to go see the whole gallery! To see some select favorite shots and some commentary go to this thread on the H.A.M.B.

Go to the gallery and click “Buy” to get the image printed to hang on your wall.

For 2011 H.A.M.B. Drags coverage go here
For 2010 H.A.M.B. Drags coverage go here

for more information on the H.A.M.B. Drags go to www.hambdrags.com

for info on Mo-Kan Dragway go to www.mokandragway.com

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Royboy Productions Features Episode 1

A few months ago it became apparent that a new feature needed to be added to Royboy Productions. Photos do a good job of conveying the car show experience but something else was needed. Starting at the end of 2011 video was captured of a few really cool cars, interviews shot with the owner or builder explaining the cars in their own words, in their own voice. This is episode number 1. I hope you enjoy it!

 If the video does not work, click here to go to it.


2012 KKOA Leadsled Spectacular Coverage

The 2012 KKOA Leadsled Spectacular photos are up!


 Click the slide show to go to the full gallery of 990 photos, new videos will be added throughout the week!

Here’s a few of my favorite images from the weekend.


 Enjoy the photos and if you like them consider buying a print or download, gas, cameras, hotels are all expensive! See you at a show, Travis

A Busy Weekend Part 2: Showdown In The Valley

From Garnett (see part 1) I headed out to Mulvane, KS home of the Mulvane Marauders.
This part was another fun drive, exploring country side, just randomly heading south and west until I got close to the show.

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That was a fun drive! I got to see some of the grain storage facilities that I’d done the mechanical and fabrication drawings for, drove a new section of one of my favorite roads, an old section of highway just outside of most people’s point of view while they cruise on US-400, had a burger at the historic Beaumont Hotel and explored a fun new-to-me road between Latham and Douglass, KS.

Once I arrived in Mulvane it’s the same story as every other time, the many friends I’ve made in the Marauders make me feel at home. This show is held on the old main street area of Mulvane and features some of the over 160 members of the club’s rides as well as many area cars. The Marauders gave away a freshly rebuilt engine this year along with a huge table full of door prizes and some killer trophies made by various members of the Marauders.

One of the most beautiful kustoms around, Don’s 54 Buick

Jody’s way kool Y-block powered kustom Ford truck

Steve’s Tiki Taxi

Merideth’s Trixie Tee, built to match her Trophy Girl purse, this is a killer little hotrod!
Trixie Tee

Jack’s 40 Ford

One kool kustom influenced hot rod

I really dig this killer Merc kustom, check out the headlights…

Some high dollar rides showed up

Chris and Karma Carlson of Chaotic Customs drive this 60 Pontiac named Stella nearly every day, and judging by the color of the back tire, Chris didn’t get the kids to clean Stella after driving down the dirt road they live on. That’s dedication, live on a dirt road and drive a ride like this!

Jason of Red House Custom Paint was in attendance.

Mike’s 29 Roadster

One of my favorite cars of the show, Kent drives the heck out of her too!

Another 51 Ford! This time with the 6 cylinder drive train.

Interesting dash

Bill Hines and crew chopped this at the KKOA in 2009 I believe. Love the chop and the color!

Kevin’s 64 Galaxie

Chris giving out the awards.

Congrats Kent!

That’s it for the 2nd part, a drive up to Gypsum would end my day driving around central-eastern KS. Hope you enjoyed the coverage, stay tuned to the blog with RSS feeds or email updates so  you know when I’ve updated the blog.

See you at a show!


Royboy goes to the Hot Rod Revolution part 1-3

Wow! That’s the basis of my review of my weekend in Austin. Fantastic cars, killer music and most importantly some of the koolest people anywhere made this one of my best weekends all year.


Parts 1-3 | Parts 4-11

I’ve started using Instagram on my iPhone and this trip I experimented with documenting the trip with that app. So along the way I was snapping shots from my iPhone which was mounted to the dash of my car.

I left home (Central KS) Thursday evening, determined to make it past the dreaded Fort Worth traffic so Friday’s drive would be short and fun.

Finally around 2am I found a hotel on the south side of Ft. Worth and decided to crash out for a few hours.

Friday was a nice short drive of a little over 2 hours.

I rolled into town on Friday and promptly took a nap in my hotel room…party animal. But later on I went over to Austin Speed Shop for their pre-party and for the the screening of Brian Darwas’ film “A Sweet Sickness: The Flathead Movie” Arriving fashionably almost late the place was packed.


NotStockPhotography was there with his wife and their kool Corvair Van.

Tons of killer rides in the parking lot, tons of great people milling about.

Okay so I got a little artsy fartsy with a couple of shots…

Then I met up with the crew from Pushrod and we set out for the Continental Club to catch Dave Alvin on stage. Wow! that was a great show. I highly recommend if he’s coming to your town you need to be in the audience. I was blown away by the whole performance.

That’s it for Friday, I’m heading off to the day job for now but I’ll post more when I come home for lunch. Click on any of the photos to see the whole gallery, there are about 200 that are currently uploading so they won’t be available for an hour or two.

Here’s a couple cell phone pics from the end of our Friday night watching Dave Alvin at the Continental Club.

I may or may not have been drinking and take no responsibility for slightly out of focus phone shots…


So Saturday morning I roll over to Camp Mabry, it was the first time that I ever was carded to get into a car show, a new experience but to be allowed to have the show on the base was very cool indeed.

The backdrop wasn’t as cool as the power plant last year but that was almost a once in a lifetime type background for a show. There were plenty of interesting sites to look at, I didn’t get to go checkout the museum and I regret that now.

The temps were decent but the wind was not, after braving the cold most of the day I finally broke down and bought a Austin Speed Shop hoodie, yes I’m a wimp.

Remember to click on any of the images to see the whole gallery.

Thanks for taking a look everyone, I hope I can make it feel like you were there in some small way.

 Parts 1-3 | Parts 4-11

See you at a show,


Royboy Productions coverage of the 2011 H.A.M.B. Drags with some videos too :) Part 7

Photo coverage from the 2011 HAMB Drags Part 7!

Part 1 | Part 2-3 | Part 4-5 | Part 6 | Part 7

Click on the following picture to see the video (it will open a new page)

same dealio here folks

and here as well

That’s it folks, there’s a few more shots in the gallery but that’s all I’ll post up for now. Thanks for checking them out, I had a blast hanging with everyone as always!

Part 1 | Part 2-3 | Part 4-5 | Part 6 | Part 7

See you at a show,