Jonnie King interviews Frank Livingston on his 49 Chevy!

“Hi everybody !   Hope everyone reading this is “storm free” and able to be Crusin’ once again !

The work that my friend Travis does on this Site is awesome…hope you come back often to check-it out

Here’s an important story that I want to share with you right now…

LONG-TIME HALL OF FAME MEMBER, Frank Livingston, wow’d the crowd’s over a decade ago when he unveiled his Pagan Gold, Oz Welch-built ’49 Chevy Fastback !

It was very similar to his 1955-built ’49 Fastback…but it was not quite a “clone” for a number of reasons that he explains, and you may have seen the car in-person at the GNRS, or, at Santa Maria.

Frank’s an old friend, and the story about how the idea for this build was put together is just super-cool….and what he say’s about the paint work alone is something you won’t want to miss !   Simply Click-On-Right-Here to Listen !!

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Jonnie King interviews Spence Murray!

Hi to all !  Travis’ Site never ceases to amaze me !  Cool pix & info all the time !! I hope you will forward this to your friends, and bookmark it/add it to all your Media devices !

He is the Founding Editor of Rod & Custom Magazine, and in this Exclusive Interview, SPENCE MURRAY , tells the Origin Story of how it all began back in 1953 !

Spence is an old friend, and a historian of the highest level.
His input to the HOF Legends Site has been invaluable and greatly appreciated, we talked about that at Darryl Starbird’s 50th Anniversary Tulsa Show where Spence, his wife, his grandson, and, myself, spent some great quality-time together .

This is definitely one of the MOST IMPORTANT pieces of  R & C Audio History you’ll ever hear…simply CLICK-ON-HERE , turn up your speakers, and enjoy Spence’s story of “The Origin Of Rod & Custom Magazine” !

Hope you enjoy it…and be sure to come back and Travis’
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Jonnie King Interviews Geno and Alan from Koolhouse Publishing

Hi again to everyone here checking-out my friend Travis’ Website ! I’ve got a real treat for you this time around…

For the first time GENO DIPOL, Publisher of Ol’ Skool Rodz & Car Kulture DeLuxe, AND, ALAN MAYES, Managing Editor of both those titles, talk about how these two extremely influential rod & custom magazines were created…and how they got together to get the job done !


We got together at Darryl Starbird’s 48th Annual Rod & Custom Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma, turned on the recorder,  and, as the story unfolded, I was amazed at how these two not only “found” each other, but how similar their visions were to achieve the same end result.

Each with a long-time background in their love of rods & customs, and a crew that helps keep everything running smoothly, means that both Ol’ Skool Rodz & Car Kulture DeLuxe will continue to entertain readers for years to come!

Simply Click-On Here , listen, and, enjoy !!     JK

Jonnie King Special Halloween Feature!

This week, I told Travis that I’d prepared something very special for this time of the Season for everyone visiting here on his ground-breaking, super-cool Website…and here it is:




FROM 1964-1966 one of the hottest shows on TV was THE MUNSTERS ! But did you ever see the “HOT ROD HERMAN” Episode ? Well, I accidentally happened on to it the day I was set to Interview GEORGE BARRIS !

GEORGE GIVES THE REAL STORY on The Munster Koach and The Drag-U-La Car…which he actually drove in this Classic Episode ! (PS: Grandpa Munster makes a cameo appearance especially for our listeners; and, listen for George doing a “wheelie” !!)

PLUS, you’ll find Links to the “ULTIMATE HALLOWEEN SPECIAL” that I’ve prepared for you which includes my “HALLOWEEN FILM RARITIES FOR 2013” , AND , BELA LUGOSI introducing “THE MONSTER MASH MEETS THE HAUNTED HOUSE” ! Simply Click-On-Here and be prepared for a frightfully funtastic experience !

HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL, and I hope you get more Treats than Tricks !


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Jonnie King interviews Chuck Miller

Last week I introduced you all to my friend Jonnie King and his website.  This week we’ve got audio for you from an interview that Jonnie did with Chuck Miller on his beautiful 32 Roadster, an 18 year project. Click here to go to the page to hear the whole interview.

Chuck Miller 2_32 Roadster_Leaving Garage Chuck Miller 2_32 Roadster_Engine Shot

Go spend some time on Jonnie’s site, you could easily spend a few hours just hanging out and listening to his interviews.


See you at a show,


Jonnie King And Gene Winfield Discuss Pacifica

While not an artist per se, Jonnie King is the focus of today’s post. If you’ve never been to his site, “Legends Of The Rod & Custom Hall of Fame” then you’re missing out! Jonnie interviews many of the koolest kustom folks and posts the interviews on the site. A few years ago we crossed paths and I’m not sure how we even met but I’m glad that we did! If you don’t know who Jonnie is, here is his site.

One of the newest updates on the site is an interview with Gene Winfield talking about his 2013 777 Award winning clone of his famous Pacifica Econoline Ford Pickup. The original build was done in 1962, and the clone is visually just about the same as the original, but underneath the truck is much more modern. Click here to open that page, the audio will begin automatically.

 Gene Winfield driving Pacifica
Gene Winfield driving Pacifica

I’m hoping to talk Jonnie into doing a blog post here for you whenever he has new audio articles up, at the very least, I will do a post like this one and give you links to the good stuff!

See you at a show,


What is your favorite Gene Winfield build? Comment below!