Shop Visit: Chaotic Customs

Between Christmas and New Year’s I was on a road trip and had a little time to stop by and see my friends at Chaotic Customs in Mulvane, KS. They’ve done some work on one of my cars and a couple for my dad and I wanted to drop off some Christmas candy from my family to the Chaotic crew.
Here are some cell phone photos from that visit.

The 2014 SEMA build is Karma’s Mustang. The top has been chopped and numerous other changes are underway.
The 2014 SEMA build is Karma’s Mustang. The top has been chopped and numerous other changes are underway.
Jack’s 39 Ford is in the shop for some new floors and rust repair. The chassis sports a ton of parts that Jack got from RJay’s Speed Shop.
This hot rod is getting the full treatment with a whole bunch of custom treatments, stay tuned for more on it.
Chaotic’s Chris Carlson showing the newly chopped removable hard top on this kustom Mercury
Another project is this ’59 Chevy.
The crew at Chaotic is really doing a kool job on this Stingray Vette. Adding a bit of muscle to the front fenders, sucking the bumpers into the body a bit for a more streamlined look, re-shaping the wheel wells again to show a bit of a bulge on the body. Almost like the way the designers may have envisioned the car before the bean counters took over. I can’t wait to see this one all finished up.

Thanks to my friends at Chaotic for opening up the doors to my dad and I and taking the time to show us all of the projects in the shop. I’m sure the big tray of candy had nothing to do with that :). I have upcoming shop visits planned for 3 new shops in the next few months, stay up to date by subscribing in the top right hand corner of the page.

See you at a show,


Royboy Friends: RJay’s Speed Shop

If you’re building a hot rod or street rod you need parts. You can go to the junk yard or swap meet, get dirty, maybe find something maybe not, maybe have to fix it if you do find it, or you can order new stuff.  If you are in a time crunch ordering parts can be a life saver. Have a look at my friends over at RJay’s Speed Shop.

For the month of March, RJays is having a 10% sale on all front end components from RJays Parts, Pete & Jakes, Superbell, Heidts & more!

RJays also offers parts for Tri-Five Chevys’ and Classic Trucks as well as the hot rods and street rods. Plus a section on Towing and Trailers so you can outfit your ride’s ride as well.

You can have a look at some of their customer’s cars here.

Find RJay’s on Facebook here.

Here’s the New Flathead motor mounts includes rubber mounts also $49.95 a pair. 

Support the small mom & pop places, get good stuff at good prices and build something kool.

See you at a show.