Chrome Pipes & Pinstripes Episode 3: The Doctor Is In W/ Guest Jimmy “Doc” Parsons

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Last Weekend’s Show: 2014 NSRA Southwestern Nationals held in Oklahoma City, OK

  • Coverage Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
  • Lots of cars, stockers, mildly customized, hot rods, street rods, wildly customized, a few actual kustoms and everything else you can imagine
  • Spectators everywhere, seems to be a theme this year. Good thing because it means that people are willing to spend money, in this case $15 a head to come to car shows, maybe a new boom in car building is on the horizon as well.
  • Got to spend the day with my buddy Jared. He drove over from Tulsa to hang out at the show and it was great to walk around the event with a buddy that’s not quite as ate up with this whole car thing as I am, gave me a different perspective on some of the cars.
  • After the show I followed him back to Tulsa, had dinner with him and his wife and then I passed out on the couch while the NASCAR race was on
  • Sunday I went over to Doc Parson’s house with the intention of filming a feature video on his hot rod “Rowdy” but the weather was not cooperating.
  • Wemic’d him up and recordedalittle bit for you to hear here on the podcast.
    • Doc Parsons was a racer for more than 5 decades all over the U.S. and abroad
    • Stories that I got to hear but we didn’t get recorded told tales of gold prospecting in Peru, diving on shipwrecks and coming up with artifacts, building a car for some bigger tracks that USAC outlawed before it finished it’s 3rd race
    • his shop was full of racing memorabilia that all means something to him whether or not it means something to the rest of the world.
    • Photo Apr 13, 1 36 59 PM
      Doc’s 1 year in a drag effort was in this car.

      Photo Apr 13, 1 41 12 PM
      One of the vintage photos of Doc and one of his cars.
    • Doc’s “Rowdy”
      The very rare intake with 3 single barrel and 1 2 bbl carb and hidden nitrous plumbing underneath.
      Here you can see the holes drilled in the Halibrand wheels to balance them.

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******** Late in the show I mention a bad pain in my leg, it appears to be a pinched nerve.  No worries! **********


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