Shop Visit: Affordable Street Rods

As I mentioned in the last post about my 51 Ford, the car needs new wiring. I asked 5 different people and got 4 different answers on who I should go with for the wiring harness and fuse panel for the 51. Which told me that they all were pretty  much the same. I decided to go with a panel and wiring kit from Affordable Street Rods in Peabody, KS. This way I not only know who sold me the pieces, but who built them as well, and the cash stays in Kansas. I’m a big fan of buying local when you can.

So I headed down to Peabody, about an hour from my home to pick up the pieces and finally meet the owner Rex Watson in person. I arrived to find Rex and his brother working on this really nice rod.

Apparently a previous owner hadn’t done a good job of welding in some shot mounts so the boys were fixing them.

You know  you do a lot of fab when you’ve spent the money for these kool plastic plugs to mimic the real thing. They look great as wall art too.

Outside another project was getting some fresh air.

While another one waits it’s turn to go under the knife.

Days gone by are a reminder with kool toys like this  on the someday list.

The wiring kit and fuse panel look really well built and easy to understand, Rex has also reminded me multiple times that if I have any questions he is only a phone call away. Service, I dig it.

See you at a show,


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