Event Coverage :2013 HAMB Drags Weekend Part 3

Finally we hit the track!

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Of course my friends from Wichita the McGregors are there, any time  you see these sombreros there’s a good time somewhere close by.


Hot Rod Hill Climb  and Grandpa’s Hot Rod Booth

Really nice ride

Nick’s roadster is just getting better and better

Model A John’s ride

Some of my Mulvane Marauder friends were in attendance

Of course the Lil Honker, always a favorite.

My buddy John’s barn find gasser

The man, the myth, the traveling legend Bob K!

Butch M’s 56 Chevy Gasser got some new touches


Simple, cool, I want one.

Some of the best curves in the automotive world.

Bill Moore’s “High School Dropout” Merc

This is one of the slickest flatties I’ve ever seen.

Don’s 53 is always looking good.

Another view of Rick’s new shoebox.

Krobe’s fastback fleetline Chevy

There are a couple of shoebox utes in the area, this one has a ton of work in it.

Mike’s bad blue Chevy Truck

Kerry’s rail, I hear tell that about the time I headed for the hotel he pulled a 165 mph run, congrats man!

John and Butch warming up the hides.

That’s it for this HAMB Drags post, 1 more tomorrow and then maybe some special edits on Friday.

Thanks for following along on all of my adventures, remember if there are any photos you’d like to own a copy of for your wall, click on the photo here, and the site will take you to the appropriate page to buy prints. Every print you buy helps put gas in the tank to get me and my cameras to another show to bring you more show coverage.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

See you at a show,


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