Artist Feature: Todd C. Jones

I’ve been blessed to meet a ton of great artists in my travels, many of them do not get the press/credit that they deserve often working full-time day jobs and doing art on the side. One of the guys that I’ve met along the way that’s become a good friend is Todd Jones. Enjoy some of his work, add him on Facebook and get you some art! – Royboy


Todd was my guest on my podcast “Chrome Pipes & Pinstripes” Episode 5, listen here!


Artist Feature : Todd C. Jones

1.) Do you remember an “ah-ha” moment that made you know that art was going to be an integral part of your life?
I realized it fairly early in life. I always had a keen interest in art. Junior High/ Middle School was when I began to take art seriously. My mind was like a sponge soaking up every bit of knowledge about the subject. I was like any typical teen that was into cars, sports, music and girls, but was always most comfortable with a pencil or paintbrush in my hand. I was a pretty quiet kid so art really became the great communicator for me. Drawing was a great way to start up conversations with people. To this day, art is largely responsible for the majority of my friendships.

2.) If you could pick 1 piece of your work that would represent the entire body of your work, which one would you choose?
That’s a difficult one! I’d have to say the front-engined dragster piece I title “The Gold Digger” I was really just screwing around when I started that piece. Never truly intended to finish it. I had no plan, no direction, no goal in mind. I just started sketching. I just kept drawing and continually refining the piece. Before long I was digging up old photo references settling on several photos of the Masters & Richter Special and a few photographs of Ed Pink’s digger. The piece continually evolved and I was very pleased with the end result.

3.) Who or what most inspires your work?
My earliest recollection of being inspired was seeing several side view drawings of old hot rods my dad drew back when he was in high school around 1959-1961. Later, my cousin introduced me to CARtoons magazine. I learned a lot from George Trosley, Dave Deal, Shawn Kerri, and Dennis Ellefson. Later influence came from Thom Taylor, Charlie Smith, Darrell Mayabb and Chip Foose. I am constantly looking for inspiration. I get a lot of motivation from friends in the business. Ed Tillrock, Brian Stupski, Jeff Norwell, Max Grundy, Chad Lampert and Scott Fisk to name a few. Another artist that I get inspired by is Josh Welton, welder and metal sculptor extraordinaire. He’s an amazing welder and seems to have a knack for bringing his work to life.

4.) Is there an artistic style or process that you haven’t tried yet that you want to try?
There are so many styles and processes I’d love to try. I want to explore with oil painting, both metal and clay sculpture, and I’d love to get back into watercolor painting.

5.) What’s 1 piece of advice you’d give an artist that’s just starting out today?
Don’t expect to get wealthy doing art. Do it for the passion and love of art. Never stop working to improve your skills and remember to try processes that are outside your comfort zone. Be persistent, make lots of contacts and maintain them. Never give up.

Contact info: Facebook: Todd C Jones


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