Week in Review: Week of 11-18-13

Well folks, as I said last week, through the slower colder months I am cutting back to new content on the site on Monday-Friday. But I have had a couple of people say why not do a a review on Saturday of what was posted on the site this week, that’s what this is. As most of you know by now, the Hot Rod Revolution that was supposed to be on this weekend has been cancelled and I never made out of the state of Kansas on Thursday. Friday I took the rare opportunity to just stay home and do nothing, sure I had a ton of stuff to do but it was the first real chance to decompress in a very long time and it was awesome! Today I will attempt to go to the Hobo Happening in Douglass, KS, we’ll see what the weather holds. Hopefully on Monday I’ll have some coverage for you from that event. As always, if you want to get this blog in your email each time it goes live just enter your email address in the box at the top right hand corner of royboyproductions.com and I’ll get you hooked up with the direct feed. At the end of each month I will pick one subscriber to win a prize of some sort, usually one of the Royboy products, sometimes a big discount on a large format print, maybe we’ll get some sponsors to step up and pitch in as well. If you have a company that could benefit from being seen by a couple of hundred car nuts a day, send me a message here and we can talk about how to get your ad on the site.

Week in Review


2 Month Warning: Starbird-Devlin Rod And Customs Charities Car Show

2013 Starbird-Devlin  0045-M


Shop Visit: Nostalgia Sid’s Dropped Axles









Shop Visit: Shoebox Central

2013_Shoebox_Central_Shop_Visit 000








Artist Feature: Ed Tillrock

2012 Iron Invasion  0337-M








Chaotic Customs Shop Visit 11-21-13









Hopefully while you’re reading this I’ll be on the way to Douglass, KS for a cold but still on Hobo Happening!

See you at a show,



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