Royboy Photo On The New Classic Trucks Magazine!

Well folks I had a whole different post planned for today but my furnace went out last night (tonight I as write this). So instead of having time to write the post I wanted, I have been trying to MacGyver it back to working through the night, no such luck as of now (12:15 am). Soooooooooo, I thought that I’d share this with you.

On newsstands now is the new issue of Classic Trucks Magazine the February 2014 issue, featuring a cover that I shot of Ryno Built’s Unibody. This is my 22nd time being published in a magazine and the 2nd time that one of my photos has been on the cover of a magazine! I’m feeling pretty blessed! Congratulations (for the 20th time from me) to Ryno Built on earning the cover! Get a subscription to¬†Classic Trucks here!



Sorry for the mess on my kitchen table, it was on my list tonight too…

See you at a show,



Update: 7:30 am- the blower motor in the furnace is shot, I’ve gotten it to manually start a couple of times but she is kaput! Hoping to get another motor installed this afternoon and I’ll have time to get a proper post for you tomorrow! Thanks for your patience folks! -rb

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