1 Month Warning: The Chill

Last year Mother Nature was not kind to car shows in the area. That started with The Chill held at the Pavillions at Park City, KS with a big snow storm a few days before the show. Load in day for the Chill still had up to 6″ still on the ground, and you could tell with a low turnout car wise. Hopefully this year the weather will cooperate and the Chill will be full like it normally is.

I’ve been attending the Chill for a couple of years, The unique 3 building arrangement of the facility allows for the show to look like a couple of different shows. The first room that you walk into is filled with motorcycles, a stage and some vendors. Then it’s on to a room that typically is cars and vendors and finally a room that’s mostly cars. Being inside at the end of February is a good thing in Kansas. 🙂

The Chill goes down Feb. 28th-Mar. 2 at The Kansas Coliseum in Park City, KS For more info on The Chill go here.




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