2014 Gypsum Summer Car Show and Pie Festival Part 1

With about 3 weeks between them and the date, a local restaurant owner and one of his most loyal patrons set out to have a car show on Memorial Day weekend in the tiny town of Gypsum, KS. The eating establishment in question is the newly opened Exit 14, a play on a comical sign at the edge of the single paved street town proclaiming “Gypsum Next 13 Exits.” The patron in question is my uncle the internet infamous Poverty Flats, Paul Kruse.

With 3 weeks planning the show went off great. 75 cars showed up from as far away as Springfield, MO and Lincoln, NE. Good food was had at Exit 14, stories were told and pies were awarded, all in all a great success.

 Part 1 Part 2

The view looking north on Maple Street in Gypsum. The blue building on the right was my uncle and aunt’s hardware store up until last November, the Pepsi sign on the left is Exit 14.
Brian’s car is full of kool. He recently showed me pics of the chop going down at DeRosa’s shop at about the same time that Barry Weiss’ Cadillac was there, the Caddy can be seen in the background of some of the progress shots of this car.
All the way from Springfield, MO was our friend Dick Craig in his simple yet kool 54 Chevy.
A local car that’s been built in the shop it sits in front of in this pic.
Quite a crew from Osborne, KS there were more but these were the roadsters of the group.
I love this car. The owner is pretty awesome too.
Dick’s 5 window is pretty near perfect, and awfully damn yellow :).
Lizzie of Pinstriping by Lizzie brought her 62 Buick Special up from Tulsa, OK. She even made a pie to give out as her own award.

My friend Donny’s car. The world lost this amazing guy a decade ago but his father still shows his car from time to time. dB was one of the good ones, I miss you brother.

More to come tomorrow including the pie winners!

 Part 1 Part 2

See you at a show,



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