Dean Mircos’ 1930 Model A Hot Rod

It’s rather fitting that I’m posting this article today. If you’re reading this on the day it comes out I’m on the way to the 2015 Hot Rod Hill Climb right now, these photos were shot after the 2014 Hot Rod Hill Climb just down the road about a mile.


Dean Mircos has a couple of pretty cool Model A Fords. This one was what he brought to the the Hot Rod Hill Climb in 2014, as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to feature it here. The build was a 5 year process starting with a 5 window 1930 Model A from California and adding some mid 50’s Chrysler style and power. The end result is a basic, badass Hemi powered hot rod with just the right amount of flair.

The normal sections needed replaced, the bottoms of the doors and the fender wells needed replaced. The top was chopped but needed reworking so it was completely redone and the visor needed some TLC too. The modified body sits on what started out as a stock Model A frame. The stock chassis got a bit closer to the earth via a 14″ Z in the rear and a 50’s era drop axle in the front, both ends hung with split wishbones. The braking is done by 1938 Lincoln units up front and the stock drums on the 9” rear. The wheels are junkyard finds from a 1946 Ford and are wrapped in wide white wall rubber.

Power for this hot rod comes from a 1957 392 Chrysler Hemi which set a theme for the car. It features some vintage look good goodies and a new cam ground by Isky to the 50’s specs. The vintage mill is backed up by a more modern 700R4 trans for highway driving, other than that the look has been kept very much like what it might have been in the 50’s. Starting with the 1932 Ford Commercial grille and it’s shell are both adorned with trim from a mid 50’s Chrysler Imperial the theme appears a few places in the ride.
The sparse interior the features Chrysler parts as well. The steering wheel is from a 1949 Dodge and the instrument cluster is from an Imperial. The seat is out of a 1932 Ford pickup and had to be narrowed 6” to fit in the confines of the Model A body. The seat upholstery was done by Waldo out of Frederick, CO and features a Chrysler Imperial logo. The car has no door panels and no carpet, it’s pretty much a bare bones hot rod with just a couple of touches added for style. One of my favorites is the Ford Dealer option rear view mirror with built in clock that still functions. The shifter features a 1947 Silver Dollar as a center piece that was taken from a knucklehead Harley that Dean had.
The exterior is like the rest of the car, basic with just a touch of flash. The off white paint and scallops were applied by Adam Lucier of Newstalgia Hot Rods & Custom Paint in Fort Collins, CO.
It all came together into a tough looking, mean sounding, bare bones hot rod that any true hot rod fan would be proud to have in their garage. In fact, Dean, if you’d like to store it someplace for awhile I’m sure that I can make room in my garage for it.

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