102 – Get Ready To Road Trip – Chrome Pipes And Pinstripes

This week Royboy goes over some of the basics to consider before you take a road trip!

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  1. Pre- road trip tips from social media
    1. On Facebook
      1. Andrew Grenon Get a good nights sleep before you hit the road
      2. Chuck Johnson Jumper cables – tool box – rubber hose fitted size – ice chest water/refreshments/sandwich etc what ever fits – reflectors – first aid kit – duct tape – a couple of blankets – cell phone with a extra set of speakers
      3. Geno Walker pee first
      4. Greg Guise Tunes
    2. On Instagram
      1. keepinitshiney Tire Pressure. Vehicles that sit lose tire pressure. Always fill close to specs on sidewall. 👍🏼
      2. gearheadgraphics Always hit the bathroom before heading out.
      3. chinaman13 Don’t pack at the last minute. Got to syracuse this weekend and had forgotten my bag of clothes, some stuff for sale and paint supplies. Fucked my whole weekend
      4. awtaulbert For the ladies, don’t overpack… You don’t need five pairs of shoes 👠
      5. el_roy Take a doo doo 💩
      6. pogo pork Make sure yiur gas gauge works right
      7. thisistimm Rainx the windshield, pack water and bring comfy walking shoes. If it’s further away I pack extra fluids for the car and make sure I know of at least three good places to eat at my destination
      8. greasy63 Make sure to bring some lube
      9. krockstk Start some of the repairs you’ve been putting off for a year, the night before you leave. Or at least, that’s what I like to do.
      10. lodownmerc Check your tires!!!
      11. psycho_daddy_58 Too many tools is like reverse psychology for breakdowns.
      12. trbobber I go around the rpu and make sure ALL the bolts are tight…and tire pressure.
      13. show0ff03ls Take extra parts !
      14. gingerpin5546 Make sure u have a gallon or two of gas, extra car parts like belts and hoses even extra fluids. Do a full inspection check all the fluids, tires brakes and battery, do any maintenance that’s needed. Pack blankets shop rags and flash lights. Check ur repair history (mental or filed) when the last tune up was make sure ur fuel pump works. And alternator/generator is putting out enough voltage….Etc. don’t want to learn the hard way that u forgot to check something.
      15. harmedia Take your phone and camera chargers. (21st Century problem….)
      16. davidtracygilley Research your route. Any clubs along the way that could help out if something happens. Nsra fellow pages help too.
      17. errolhughes1 Don’t go on a road trip.
      18. hofferalbers I have a checklist that I use everytime, both on what to take and to get the car ready.
      19. pinkynoegg Tool box full of tools, and grease everything before heading out that has a zert. Also crawl under the car and make sure everything looks kosher, no unusual leaks or vibration wear on anything
    3. Twitter
      1. CRC Car Club @royboyprods Make sure the AAA gold Plus extra mileage is active. Never had to use it for myself, but have used it for others 4 times.
      2. Brendan McLennan @royboyprods car keys

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