2018 Rumble Run

A shot from a stop on the run.

For the first time since the Rumble in Wichita has become the Rumble Run, I was able to attend this year. I’d been to all of the previous versions of the Rumble, and I’m a huge fan of the Primarys Car Club in Wichita, so it bummed me out to miss the Rumble when it became the Rumble Run, but this year I was not going to miss it!

I got up early Saturday morning and got the Galaxie prepped for the trip, a dead battery slowed me down a bit, but after I got it running it was good the rest of the day. The drive down to American Legion Post 256 on the west side of Wichita went quickly, it was a bit chilly and the forecast had been for rain but when I got there it was clearing up. The day went great with a 60mile run out to a couple small Kansas towns and back to the American Legion. The folks that didn’t want to go on the run stayed behind and had a car show for the few hours that the rest of us were on the poker run.


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This year for the first time the Primarys added in some Car Games to the car show/run.  Three games were played. The first one was basically two sets of cones about 50′ apart, you line up at the first cones and put on a blindfold then drive to the next set of cones. The car that stops closest to the 2nd set of cones wins. The 2nd game was slow drags, put the car in gear and drive to the second set of cones, no brakes allowed, the slowest time wins. The 3rd game was jousting. The driver or the passenger were given a pool cue and the goal was to put the pool cue through each of 3 smaller rings that were hanging from 3 stands.

The run was about half the length of the previous ones so the day was over earlier than we all expected. A few folks gathered up at one house and drank and had pizza until we all fell off one by one.

Sunday I got up early and headed over to Joplin to shoot photos for Ryno’s son Dylan’s senior photos. That trip started with heavy rain in Wichita and turned to fog the rest of the drive. The rain stayed away all day until I was ready to leave at 4pm. 3 hours into the drive the rain had turned to mist for most of the way and then turned to snow flurries. The flurries turned to heavy snow for the final hour of the drive with about 50ft visibility for the last 15 or so miles.

The weekend’s drive route.

All in all it was a great weekend, about 565 miles on the Galaxie odometer and a ton of great memories. Remember to get out and drive your ride!

Slide Show of the Rumble Run

(click here if you don’t see the slide show OR want to see the photo gallery)

See you at a show,



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