2019 Gypsum Pie Festival and Car Show Coverage

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Wow! What a crazy weekend! The recent repeated heavy rains and thunderstorms in the area threatened this year’s Flint Hills Rod & Custom Run and the Gypsum Pie Festival & Car Show but in the end, things went great!

Leading up to the weekend I was worried about the fun run on Saturday because the route this year took us around both Tuttle Creek and Milford Lakes in the Manhattan/Junction City, KS area. As of the writing of this blog post one of the roads has been closed due to a concern for public safety, we just barely got this done.

Starting in Manhattan, KS on Saturday May 25th, a small group of cars took off on the run. we started by driving up the east side of Tuttle Creek on one of the prettiest roads that I’ve ever driven in the state. Big hills and sweeping turns with views of the lake made fore the perfect start to the run. Eventually we traveled around both lakes and found our way to the Throttle Jockey’s show in Herington, KS before heading back to Gypsum.

Sunday morning the rain had returned and slowed the morning down a bit, it rained off and on until 11 am. Quite a few people were dealing with flooding or  didn’t want to drive into the predicted severe weather so we knew that the car count would be low, adding the rain in the morning didn’t help. All in all we still had about half of our regular turn out of cars and more spectators than we’ve ever had before.

All photos of the event in this gallery are courtesy of Bethany Coppedge, thanks for coming to the show and shooting photos for me! Go like her page on facebook here.

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Slideshow of the images from the 2019 Gypsum Pie Festival and Car Show!

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