2014 Gypsum Fall Festival Car Show

Most of my 40 years have been spent in or around Gypsum, KS. Most of the Octobers that I’ve been here I’ve gone down to the Fall Festival held on and around our main drag, Maple Street. The “downtown” area is all on this 1 paved street (except for about a half block off of Maple in each way). There’s a parade, kids games, and in recent years a car show organized by my uncle Paul, known online by many as Poverty Flats.

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2014 Winfield Garage Show Part 2

Part 1 | Part 2

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2014 Winfield Garage Show Part 1

Part 1 | Part 2

One of the many great folks that I’ve met along all of these adventures is my buddy Doug. Doug sells shirts at many shows across the midwest, we run into each other quite a bit. He has a show in Winfield, KS called the Winfield Garage Show. For the 2nd year I took my Galaxie to the show, it’s a small show but lots of good people. Hopefully the show can grow a bit in the next few years, Doug does a great job of putting on a show.

On day 48 of a 48 Day road trip, Floyd & Becki Dutton’s 1958 Edsel Roundup Wagon. I shot this mild custom for a magazine article, keep your eyes open to see it in print!

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2014 Pratt Fire Department Car Show

Pratt, KS is about 2 hours southwest of my home in central KS. On Saturday May 24, 2014 we headed down to Pratt for a car show put on by the Pratt Fire Department. I don’t know why this show hasn’t taken off, Memorial Day weekend in this area doesn’t have much going on show wise unless you want to drive 5 or so hours to the NSRA Nationals in Springfield, MO. I’ll be heading back to this show again next year if at all possible. I’ll even bring my car… if it isn’t broken again…


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Kerouac, Route 66, And Royboy?

As I write this from my hotel room in Weatherford, OK it’s Wednesday evening February 12th. I’m on the road with my Dad who also works for my employer for the day job. The hotel is right on old Rt. 66 and we got to travel a bit on the old road today. It got me to thinking about being on the road, about looking for adventures, finding good people and experiencing life.

A few years ago while listening to the Ron & Fez show on Satellite Radio I heard Ron talk about Jack Keroauc’s novel “On the Road.” I went out and got a copy and read it cover to cover, finishing it about 20 miles west of where I am right now in a hotel room much like this one on a road trip with my dad much like this one for our day jobs.

Keroauc’s tales in “On the Road” are based on his own travels back and forth across the U.S. mostly in the late 1940’s. If you haven’t read it yet, get yourself a copy and read it. It will feed your wanderlust, you’ve been warned!

As we drove down the Mother Road today, I looked over at my dad and told him “Yeah, I can feel it, I can feel the call of the Road.” He laughed a bit but I could tell that the history of the Mother Road and all of the untold stories of decades worth of travelers intrigue him just as they intrigue me.

Maybe that’s part of what drives me to be gone nearly every weekend to a car show and what is driving me to be transition to a more transient lifestyle. As I’ve mentioned before my goal for this website is to increase daily viewership to the point that I can have the daily advertisers paying my bills to allow me to live in an RV and traveling from city to city, town to town in search of kool stories about hot rods/kustoms to convey to all of you.

Sitting in the diner across the street from our hotel, watching the cars going by I can’t help but imagine it 60 years ago. How great would the old road look with brand new iron from the 50’s rolling up and down both lanes? Yes I’ve seen the movie “Cars” too many times and yes it gets me every time that scene hits. Visually that was a tremendous time for autos and architecture, style was still at the fore front instead of getting things done for the bottom dollar.

Tomorrow we’ll get back on the road towards home. These brief adventures down the now nearly deserted highway only 1\2 mile off of the well traveled interstate always move me, I always get the urge to stay on her, to explore the adventures that I’m sure lay just beyond the next bend or over the next hill. I’ll miss the Mother Road and her allure until the next time we cross paths.

See you at a show,



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