2014 Greaserama Part 5

I’d planned on rolling out of the show around 5pm so that my trip home wouldn’t put me into football traffic. I was at least 90 minutes behind that schedule. The drive home was uneventful, I’d planned on being on the old 2 lane roads for most of the trip but once the sun went down I found myself on the interstate to make time. The 2014 Greaserama was awesome as always, thanks to the Los Punk Rods club for putting on a great event.

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CPPS Ep. 23 : Get Your Kicks…



This week Royboy tells the story of the Greaserama weekend and interviews new UK friends Keith and Dorothy on their Route 66 trip. Click the link to go to the show page and listen!


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2014 Greaserama Part 4

The more I walked around the more friends I found. Both the kind that I know and the kind that know me. I truly appreciate everyone that stops me and tells me that the follow the blog here or the podcast or any of my social media. This is one of those shows that I need to do in disguise so that I can catch the whole show. In the 7 or so hours I tried to make sure to take time with all of my friends and hang out as I could but I barely got the entire fairgrounds covered.

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2014 Greaserama Part 3

The show has gotten flack from some for moving from the drive in to the Platte County Fairgrounds. My take on it is the show has been very successful at the new venue and I like it…

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2014 Greaserama Part 2

Knowing that the Galaxie would probably overheat if I had to sit in a long line to get in, I figured out a shortcut to get passed some of the line of cars waiting to get into the show. I’d tell you but then it wouldn’t be a short cut ;). A piece of trim on the car has a screw that likes to work itself out and no less than 3 times on the drive to the show I had to stop and screw it back in. Some good friends that are somewhat locals to the area gave me instructions on how to find a local parts store that my phone didn’t know about and I was able to pick up some double sided tape to help keep the trim in place for the drive home.

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2014 Greaserama Part 1

Always on my must attend list of shows the 2014 Greaserama did  not disappoint! I don’t have official numbers but wet thumb in the air guessing tells me it was the biggest Greaserama yet. I rolled out at about 8am in the Galaxie for the 180 miles from my house to the Platte County Fairgrounds in Tracy, MO.

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CPPS EP. 20 : Greaserama & Starliner : My 2 Favorite Shows

This week I call up my friends Eric from the Los Punk Rods about the upcoming Greaserama and Mickey Bryan of Stray Kat Kustoms about the Starliner.

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1 Month Warning : Greaserama

Well folks I screwed up! This was supposed to go out this morning at 9am and here it is almost 9pm and I’m just putting it up!

The Kowtown Greaserama is a month away and you need to be there! Again it will be at the very kool Platte County Fairgounds in Tracy, MO just northwest of Kansas City, click here for the location page of their website. The weekend is as always Labor Day weekend. The party starts off Friday night with a pre-party at the Record Bar in KC and then moves to the Fairgrounds on Saturday at noon. Then again Sunday at noon.

Click here to see a slideshow of last year’s photos and links to this year’s info.

2014 Calendar For Charity Progress Report!

2014 Calendar For Charity Progress Report!

In 3 weeks (and 2 days) we’ve sold 76 Calendars, awesome!
The printing bill has been paid, more supplies have been paid for and delivered, total outlay is about $1033.41. So far we have taken in about $785 in calendar sales + shipping.
I have used that money plus $248 of my own to cover the printing costs and I will cover the shipping costs out of my own pocket until enough calendars are sold to pay that back. With 8 weeks left in the year we have to average 22 calendars a week and so far we’ve averaged 23 a week. This is where sales usually drop off a bit. Please share the links to the calendars to friends that have bought them in the past or you think would enjoy them, that extra sharing does really help get the word out.

Now the story gets interesting. As I sat down Wednesday evening Oct. 30th to start to assemble the freshly printed calendars I found that they had been printed incorrectly. In order to bind the calendars at the top the pages have to be printed so that the front and the back of the pages have the same orientation of top to bottom. These did not! 250 copies of wasted paper! As of the writing of this post (4am Central time) I have not heard back from the print shop but I left messages at 7pm on 2 voice mail accounts and 1 email. ***Update at 8:30am: The print shop is reprinting them all to be correct and hopefully I’ll be punching and binding 250 copies this weekend. *** Rest assured they will get printed and they will go out as promised.

The Hot Rods, Kustoms and Stray Kat Kustoms Editions are tied for best sellers so far with 22 sold each but I expect the Stray Kat Edition to take a commanding lead this weekend. If you want one you’d better reserve your copy now by ordering today. There will be NO reprints, it’s not cost-effective unless we’re doing a large batch.

2014 Calendar For Charity: Kustoms Edition $10


2014 Calendar For Charity: Hot Rods Edition $10

2014 Calendar For Charity: Greaserama Edition $10

2014 Calendar For Charity: Stray Kat Kustoms Edition $10

2014 Calendar For Charity: Trucks Edition $10


Thanks folks for pushing this blog to 18,995 views since Aug. 15, 2013!!! October was the biggest month to date as well! Thanks so much for following my adventures look for feature articles, artist features and more to come!


See you at a show.


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2014 Calendar for Charity Presale!

The 2014 Calendar For Charity is available for pre-order now! There are 5 editions available, 50 copies of each, that’s all that will ever be made.

Pre-order ends Oct. 31. The calendars will be printed the first week of November and will be shipped the 2nd week.

Over $1000 was raised for charity last year, help top that number this year! Hot Rods, Trucks, & Kustoms editions will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. Stray Kat Kustoms edition will benefit the Red Cross. The Greaserama Edition beneficiary has not been decided as of this posting.
Click the thumbnail photo to go to the store page to order yours!


Note: There may be some design changes along the way but this is basically what the calendars will look like.

Tell your friends, get one for the car guy or gal in your life, make sure you don’t delay because when they are gone, they are gone.

See you at a show,


A Look Ahead: Greaserama

A Look Ahead: Greaserama

For the last 6 or so years I’ve been traveling to Kansas City each Labor Day weekend for the Greaserama. The show is put on by a group of folks that have become friends of mine called Los Punk Rods. The show is basically about home built hot rods, good music, kustom kulture, low brow art, and just about anything else that’s cool. For the entire time that I’ve been attending the show it’s been held at the Boulevard Drive In, for 2013 that changes, the show will be moving to the Platte County Fairgrounds.
If your ride fits the criteria, get registered.
Last year FarmTruck showed up to hang with the crowd.
It got a bit wet last year too
There are tons of great vendors including some of the best artists in the country
Head to Tracy, MO for the Greaserama on Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend, you won’t regret it.
See you at a show,

Royboy’s August Schedule


June and July are the slow times for me, just a couple of shows to hit and lots of weekends that I’m not on the road, it drives me crazy to sit at home that much. Mid August is when the schedule ramps back up and runs nearly without a weekend off until around Thanksgiving.

For me in 2013 it starts back up at the H.A.M.B. Drags held in Asbury, MO at the MO-KAN  Dragway on Aug. 17th. We usually show up to the hotel in Joplin on the 15th, head to Springfield, MO to a swap meet on the 16th and then it’s all day long at the drags on the 17th.

The next weekend has been the Blacktop Nationals in Wichita for the past 3 years. Last year I arrived to Wichita in a torrential downpour. Something that I did not think my camera would enjoy so I effectively skipped the show last year. But the previous two I was there and here’s some of what I saw. This year the event goes down on Aug. 24th.

2011 Blacktop Nationals  0030
2011 Blacktop Nationals  0086
2011 Blacktop Nationals  0103

Following that is Aug. 31 and the Labor Day weekend goodness that is the Greaserama in the KC area (Tracy, MO to be exact). I’ve been attending the Greaserama since before my car could make the drive somewhere around 2007 or so, I’ve always had a good time and I’ve always wished it wasn’t over when it was.

That’s it for what’s coming up in August on the Royboy Schedule. If you will be at any of these events or on my way to or from them and  you want a custom photo shoot of your vehicle, book a shoot with me then to save $ since I can combine the travel, shoot me an email for more details.

See you at a show,


A Look Ahead for the rest of 2013

Earlier this week I showed you an overview of what I’ve been up to so far for 2013. This will be a look at what’s planned for the rest of the year.

Click on any of the photos to go to a gallery of that show and see if you’d like to attend this year!

July 13th- Next up for my schedule is the Automobilia Moonlight Car Show in Wichita, KS

July 19-20- I’m not able to attend but I wanted to hit Krome N Kandy in Minneapolis, MN

July 25-28 – Then it’s the local show, the KKOA Leadsled Spectacular in Salina, KS (1600+ cars, Run What Ya Brung Drags and tons more)

Aug. 3rd- A week after that there is usually a small show in Lindsborg, KS just down the road from me as well.

Aug. 17th- Then there’s an open week before heading to the H.A.M.B. Drags in Asbury, MO (outside of Joplin)

Then it’s back to Wichita for the Blacktop Nationals Aug. 23-25

2011 Blacktop Nationals  0244

Then it’s off to Kansas City for the Greaserama, in it’s new location in Tracy, MO Aug. 31-Sept. 1

Then it’s back to Wichita for one of my favorite shows of the year, the Starliner Sept. 6-7

Sept. 14th I’ll be in Georgetown, CO for the Hot Rod Hill Climb

Sept. 21st- the long running Ol Marais River Run in Ottawa, KS

Sept. 28th- There are 4 shows that I’d like to attend but I will be at the Rumble in Wichita (formerly Rumble in Delano)

Oct. 5th- This is my birthday weekend, there may be a big party or it may stay low key, no word yet.

Oct. 12- My 2nd trip to Woodstock, IL for Iron Invasion

More info on these later!
Oct. 18-19- BluesMasters At The Crossroads

Oct. 20th ZZ Top in Salina, KS

Nov. 2nd – Stray Kat Feed

Nov. 9th – Pistons N Paint in Denton, TX

Nov. 16th- Hobo Happening in Douglass, KS

Dec. 14th- The Mid Decembrrrr Run

Hope you go along for the ride!

See you at a show,


Mercury Kustoms

One of the most iconic kustom platforms has been the 49-51 Mercury since long before I was born.  The car just lends itself to a chopped top, a low stance and some skirts. While these are not required for a kool Merc they are seen on more Mercs today than not.

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The show that started it all…

Essentially I started this kustom and hot rod photographic adventure in 2006. That’s the first photos that I have from my old Sony Digital camera with the small CD discs. I remember that first day in Lawrence, KS filling the camera up with about 180 photos and resorting to my phone’s camera to cover the rest of the show. Those photos were less than inspiring… from both cameras. The show was the 2006 Kruzin’ In The Heartland held in Lawrence, KS.

I’d seen the ad for the show in Ol Skool Rodz I believe, my uncle Paul (povertyflats to many of  you) and my father and I headed up early on Saturday morning to see the show. It was supposed to be hot that day and we were leaving by about noon, but there were only a couple hundred cars max so it wasn’t hard to get all the way through the show in that time.

I had never really seen a hot rod like this, I was used to street rods, this was something new to me, many of these rides looked attainable. Most of the street rods were kind of about how big the billet wheels were, or how much it cost to have this or that machined, these weren’t about that game at all.

The first time I really stopped to look at a FED. I was amazed that the driver was resting his important parts on a part of the car that seemed somewhat fragile kind of like sitting on a grenade and then pulling the pin.

I’ve seen this one around a few times, as I remember it was pretty fast in Salina a couple of years later, then it got kept out of Hunnert a year or two after that for wheels that were too new or something along those lines (those wheels are not on it in this photo).

Don’t shoot into the sun!

I did that a lot that day

Dad in his somewhat goofy hat on the right.

I shot a lot more engines and interiors that day than I do now, maybe I should take the time to do more of those shots, some of  you might appreciate that.

Hey I know that car! Krobe’s other ride! See an article about his 30 Model A Coupe tomorrow here on this blog, use the subscribe feature on the right to make sure you don’t miss it.

This ride would drastically change over the next few years. Built by Bright Built Hot Rods in Salina, KS. After an unfortunate accident with a Subaru, it would become much different.

Hmmmm this one looks familiar too… right Eric?

My first photo of The Tiki Taxi, now Steve has become a good friend.

Jack’s 30 Coupe, Jack’s not too bad a fella either. He also owns the 29 Roadster on 32 rails that I shot a video of last year, and his 51 Ford is under construction now, see the post on Fast AL’s Upholstery for a shot of it.

I wonder now how different my life would have been for those next few years if I’d actually met a few of my hoodlum friends that day instead of seeing their cars and meeting them 6 years later.

Any way that it happened, I’m glad to be able to look back and see my friends were there all along, we just hadn’t crossed paths yet. Get out to a show this year, take a kid and get them involved, meet the people, scope the cars, enjoy it all.

See you at a show,


Last chance for the 2013 Calendar For Charity!

The 2013 Calendar for Charity has been a big success!

This is the first year that the calendars were professionally printed, a big investment up front but luckily the paper was donated this year so that printing was only major expense in getting the calendars off the ground. As last year these calendars are printed in the ginormous 11×17 size and each and every month features 2 kool car photos! Order at royboyproductions.com!

This year 6 copies were available (click on the thumbnails to see the entire calendar):
The Trucks, Hot Rods, and Kustom editions all were sold to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.

The 3 Show specific editions went to individual causes.
The Stray Kat Kustoms Edition benefitted the Red Cross, as Mr. Stray Kat Kustoms himself (Mickey) said, they were here to help when we had a tornado, and they’re still there help folks like Joplin last year. For info on the Stray Kat Kustoms shows go to straykatkustoms.com  Order at royboyproductions.com!

The Greaserama Edition went to benefit the Punk Rod Todd Memorial Fund. The world suffered a loss last year when Todd passed, his vision and drive helped focus the Greaserama into the kool kulture event that it is today and he was one of the good guys. Thanks again for being a great guy Todd, we all miss ya, even those of us that barely knew ya. For info on the Greaserama go to greaserama.com Order at royboyproductions.com!

The Hannahs Heart Edition went to benefit the Helping Hannah’s Heart Foundation. Please take a minute and go check out this great cause. Hannah’s daddy John is a good friend and I’m glad to be able to do a very small part of helping out. Support Vintage Torque DVD’s, Torque Fest and Iron Invasion! Order at royboyproductions.com!


Total money raised this year for all 6 calendars has been over $1,100.00 so far! With less than a week left there are still 27 copies left. The Hannah’s Heart and the Stray Kat Kustoms editions are sold out but there are handfull left of the Greaserama, Kustoms, and Trucks Editions. As of the time of this writing there are only 2 copies of the Hot Rod Edition left!

To order go to royboyproductions.com These will pulled from sales on February 1, so if you want one, order today!!!

See you at a show,