An Unsung Hero: Corey Conyers’ Shop Visit

For every big name shop there’s almost always a group of hard working folks behind the scenes. For 25 years Corey Conyers has been turning out amazing work at shops without much fanfare for himself. It’s not the fault of the guys he’s worked for, the media needs brevity so it’s easier to talk about Tom Hanna’s shop or Cole Foster’s but for the last 25 years Conyers has been one of the behind the scenes folks helping to turn out fantastic cars from these shops.

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Jonnie King with Candy Clark of American Graffiti

“No matter when you read this, my pal, Travis, and myself are getting ready to head for the 34th Annual KKOA Leadsled in Salina, Kansas for 2014…AND, so is CANDY CLARK !

AmericanGraffitiOST[1] CANDY CLARK_AMERICAN GRAFFITICANDY CLARK IS A SUPERB ACTRESS who played the role of “Debbie Dunham” in “AMERICAN GRAFFITI” so perfectly that she was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Supporting Actress for her performance !


I got to spend some quality-time with Candy at Darryl Starbird’s 50th Annual Tulsa Rod & Custom Show in February, 2014, and during that time we put together a great Interview concerning her career, her growing up in Fort Worth,Texas, and, of course, American Graffiti !

This is the first story that came out of our long session, and it’s Candy’s personal story about that truly iconic film that has become a “Time Capsule” of the 60’s here in the U.S.A. : AMERICAN GRAFFITI !

In this story you’ll not only hear behind-the-scenes stories, but, also inside info that you probably never knew before, as only Candy Clark can tell it !  Ready to listen ?  Okay, just Click-On-Right-Here , and you’re on your way to ’62 !!

PS: See Candy, Bo Hopkins, and, Cindy Williams, at the 34th Annual KKOA Leadsled in Salina this year !
Travis & I’ll see you there too !!

Ride on; Stay safe…


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Feature Friday: Johnny Hammann’s 1958 Chevrolet Impala Kustom

As Hot Rod Walt alluded to recently on Episode 9 of my Chrome Pipes & Pinstripes Podcast the current state of kustoms would not be where it is without the hard work of the Kustom Kemps of America. The KKOA’s Leadsled Spectacular started in the Wichita, KS area not just because that’s where Jerry Titus was from, but because a group of folks in Wichita never lost the kustom faith when the rest of car world became muscle car and street rod obsessed.

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Jonnie King interviews Frank Livingston on his 49 Chevy!

“Hi everybody !   Hope everyone reading this is “storm free” and able to be Crusin’ once again !

The work that my friend Travis does on this Site is awesome…hope you come back often to check-it out

Here’s an important story that I want to share with you right now…

LONG-TIME HALL OF FAME MEMBER, Frank Livingston, wow’d the crowd’s over a decade ago when he unveiled his Pagan Gold, Oz Welch-built ’49 Chevy Fastback !

It was very similar to his 1955-built ’49 Fastback…but it was not quite a “clone” for a number of reasons that he explains, and you may have seen the car in-person at the GNRS, or, at Santa Maria.

Frank’s an old friend, and the story about how the idea for this build was put together is just super-cool….and what he say’s about the paint work alone is something you won’t want to miss !   Simply Click-On-Right-Here to Listen !!

Thanks again, for visiting here with Travis…and come back often !


Chrome Pipes & Pinstripes Episode 4 : All Hail The King

This week’s guest is legendary radio personality Jonnie King.

Listen here!

(if that player doesn’t work go here, you can also find the show in itunes)

Here are the photos of the cookout last weekend that I mentioned in the show open.

This week’s guest is legendary radio personality Jonnie King.


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This weekend’s event is a small town show/drag race, check in on Monday to see the photos.

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Jonnie King : Gene Winfield on Sectioning a Car

“Hi to all !   Hope you’re in the mood for the Holiday Season, and thanks for joining us here at my friend Travis’ Site !

What you’ll hear right now is one of the most informative pieces on Sectioning that you’ll ever find !

THE LEGENDARY GENE WINFIELD , has chopped many tops through the years, but the first car he ever sectioned was a ’56 Merc !

That iconic custom was christened the “Jade Idol”, and I wanted Gene to give me the lowdown on sectioning that car…and the full-story of what has to be done during that

This is a cool Interview, and you won’t want to miss Gene’s stories…not only about the Jade Idol, but about his own chopped & sectioned ’58 Impala !  To listen, Just-Click-On-Here !

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Jonnie King And Gene Winfield Discuss Pacifica

While not an artist per se, Jonnie King is the focus of today’s post. If you’ve never been to his site, “Legends Of The Rod & Custom Hall of Fame” then you’re missing out! Jonnie interviews many of the koolest kustom folks and posts the interviews on the site. A few years ago we crossed paths and I’m not sure how we even met but I’m glad that we did! If you don’t know who Jonnie is, here is his site.

One of the newest updates on the site is an interview with Gene Winfield talking about his 2013 777 Award winning clone of his famous Pacifica Econoline Ford Pickup. The original build was done in 1962, and the clone is visually just about the same as the original, but underneath the truck is much more modern. Click here to open that page, the audio will begin automatically.

 Gene Winfield driving Pacifica
Gene Winfield driving Pacifica

I’m hoping to talk Jonnie into doing a blog post here for you whenever he has new audio articles up, at the very least, I will do a post like this one and give you links to the good stuff!

See you at a show,


What is your favorite Gene Winfield build? Comment below!

Shop Visit: Dave Stuckey, Kustom Legend

A couple of weeks ago I was in Wichita on a Saturday afternoon and I decided to finally head over to kustom/hot rod/general car guy legend Dave Stuckey’s. Some may know Stuckey’s name, he was the man originally responsible for the amazingly kool kustom “Lil Coffin” (read more about that here). Dave has been working for awhile on a couple of really cool projects, one of them being a somewhat drag version of Lil Coffin, not that it set out that way but there are some similarities in the overall design of the body. His attention to detail on this project is phenomenal. Lots of kustom touches on items that will never be seen by most people let alone noticed, some subtle, some not so subtle. I won’t show you too much of the car, it needs to be a surprise. Here are some shots of it.

Another project in the works is this coupe, he has a beautiful flathead built for it and is just waiting to finish the big project to get back on it.

Here’s a shot of my favorite version of the Lil Coffin on an old Starliner poster. (More info on the upcoming Starliner show) I’m hoping to be able to stop in more often and sit with Stuckey and a video camera so that he can tell you some of his stories in his voice. It’s part of project that I hope to spend more time on in the future, more on that later.

See you at a show,