Event Coverage : 2013 H.A.M.B. Drags Weekend Part 1

Another HAMB Drags weekend has come and gone.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

As usual for this event I decided to leave my ride at home and catch a ride with my folks down to Joplin. With all of the travel that I do, it’s good to spend a couple of those weekends a year with them on the road. As I loaded my bags into the back of the truck the rain was pouring down in our little town. We headed south as quick as we could to try to outrun the storm. The route between Gypsum, KS and Joplin, MO has a few turns so every time we out ran the storm we made a turn and drove right back into it for the first 2 hours or so of the trip. 15 or 20 miles in a massive hail storm and torrential downpours were lowlights of Thursday evening’s drive.

Friday morning we assembled some of our friends and headed for Springfield, MO for the swap meet. The Ozarks Antique Auto Club Swap Meet is massive. There is no other way to describe it really. The car corral is usually loaded with good buys and some that are a bit over priced. There are top notch vendors from across the country and a truly staggering amount of individual sellers covering the fairgrounds. I didn’t find anything that I couldn’t live without, actually I had my heart set on an Offenhauser 4bbl intake for my flathead and some matching heads, but some new Royboy computer upgrades had that cash spoken for. Ahhhh, maybe next year.

Then it was back to the host hotel area for the Friday Night pre-party! Tons of folks drove their rides from all over the country to attend the drags and the pre-party. Music was provided by my friends Pushrod and they rocked the party like non-other.

To see all of the photos in the gallery go here.

Then it was off to bed to get up for Saturday’s shenanigans, more about those tomorrow.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

See you at a show,


Shop Visit: Affordable Street Rods

As I mentioned in the last post about my 51 Ford, the car needs new wiring. I asked 5 different people and got 4 different answers on who I should go with for the wiring harness and fuse panel for the 51. Which told me that they all were pretty  much the same. I decided to go with a panel and wiring kit from Affordable Street Rods in Peabody, KS. This way I not only know who sold me the pieces, but who built them as well, and the cash stays in Kansas. I’m a big fan of buying local when you can.

So I headed down to Peabody, about an hour from my home to pick up the pieces and finally meet the owner Rex Watson in person. I arrived to find Rex and his brother working on this really nice rod.

Apparently a previous owner hadn’t done a good job of welding in some shot mounts so the boys were fixing them.

You know  you do a lot of fab when you’ve spent the money for these kool plastic plugs to mimic the real thing. They look great as wall art too.

Outside another project was getting some fresh air.

While another one waits it’s turn to go under the knife.

Days gone by are a reminder with kool toys like this  on the someday list.

The wiring kit and fuse panel look really well built and easy to understand, Rex has also reminded me multiple times that if I have any questions he is only a phone call away. Service, I dig it.

See you at a show,


Event Coverage: BBBS Car Show in Salina, KS

As far as I know this was a first time event. Over 100 rides showed up to this free car show held in the South parking lot of Salina’s Central Mall next to JC Pennys. The Big Brothers Big Sisters of Salina put the show on and with the exception of needing a bit more room for the photos to look good, but that’s me being picky :).

See you at a show,

Flames: The Good, The Bad and the What Where You Thinking? Part 1 2006-2009

Flame Jobs From 2006-2009
These are some the flames I’ve captured at car shows, this first post is 2006-2009, starting with the very first show of the Royboy Galleries all the way to the end of 2009.

Pinstripe flames

Body colored flames faded into off-color tips

full yellow flames

Another variation on the pinstriped flames

The color of these kinda set them in the 90’s to me, what do you think?

Crazy airbrush flames

Red House painted surf board

Long long flames (always gave me the idea that the vehicle was in motion)

There is a great story behind these flames, but Don tells it best so if you see him at a show, ask him.

Fadeaway yellow to red with body color flames on top.

Basic flames on a shoebox, I like the style where the tips cros each other.

White fade into yellow flamed Cadillac

Flames as an accent

Multi-color seaweed flames

Airbrushed “real-fire” style flames

I’ve dug this flamejob since I first saw it.

Another white fadeaway flame job

After an accident on the streets this one time “rat” was redone to this finished state.

Got wood?

All over flames

Embossed flames on the bottom side of the bed cover match the painted flames on the body

More RedHouse Custom Paint work

Fade-in flames

Classic white into yellow into orange with 2nd layer of body color flames

“Real-Fire” style airbrushed flames coming out of the engine compartment

Long narrow licks on this surfboard

Iconic, long narrow flames with white-yellow-orange fade.

The Yellow to Orange fade flames with the white outlines look great on this Ford pickup

More of the airbrush “real-fire” style

Looks racey doesn’t it?

Historic flames.

Short seaweed style

Body color flames with highlights and outline

Long narrow flames with a seaweed style repetition.

Hot Rod Dan’s flamed Ford

Jetter Flames

Outline Flames

Comment below and tell me your favorite style.

That’s it for part 1, next time we’ll do 2010-2011!

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This weekend is Viva!

First off, I’m not going 🙁 booooooooooo! I did attend in 2010 and overall I liked the show. For those that don’t know the show, it’s Viva Las Vegas. Held every year on Easter weekend in Vegas at the Orleans Casino.  I’m guessing it’s too late for you to go but I’m sure that there will be plenty of coverage floating around by Monday, I’ll get some of my favorites and share them with you. When I went the crowd was intense both in numbers and in the literal meaning. Sooooo many people who were more into the rockabilly than the car show, but hey that’s kool as long as you respect the cars and the people who build/own them. The plan this year was for a massive caravan from Wichita to Vegas for Viva then to Austin for the Roundup and back… now it looks like I’m rolling to Texas solo where I will meet up with some friends and finish the trip to Austin.

Let’s look back at when I was at Viva, 2010.

Love it.



Masterson’s Fleetline

Gambino’s FU54

There’s a whole lot more where those came from, click any of the photos to go to the full gallery!
See you at a show,


Auto Art Edits

From time to time I find myself with some extra…time… kinda wrote myself into a loop there. Anyways with that extra time I usually fire up the editing software to make some adjustments to a photo or two. Sometimes the goal is to make an image more of an art project, sometimes the goal is just to clean it up.

Big Joe’s Ford Truck

This Merc looked great but there were a few distractions. Here’s the edited version

And here is the Original

This shot of The Toad from the Starliner show in Wichita, KS just felt like it needed a vintage vibe to it.

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Royboy Friends: RJay’s Speed Shop

If you’re building a hot rod or street rod you need parts. You can go to the junk yard or swap meet, get dirty, maybe find something maybe not, maybe have to fix it if you do find it, or you can order new stuff.  If you are in a time crunch ordering parts can be a life saver. Have a look at my friends over at RJay’s Speed Shop.

For the month of March, RJays is having a 10% sale on all front end components from RJays Parts, Pete & Jakes, Superbell, Heidts & more!

RJays also offers parts for Tri-Five Chevys’ and Classic Trucks as well as the hot rods and street rods. Plus a section on Towing and Trailers so you can outfit your ride’s ride as well.

You can have a look at some of their customer’s cars here.

Find RJay’s on Facebook here.

Here’s the New Flathead motor mounts includes rubber mounts also $49.95 a pair. 

Support the small mom & pop places, get good stuff at good prices and build something kool.

See you at a show.


Limited Edition Poster #1 IN STOCK!

Okay the time has come!

First I need to say thanks to all of the folks that pre-ordered! You make stuff like this possible! As a reward, when Poster #2 comes out, you will be given first option to purchase, at the #1 pre-order price of $10 shipped. After that the regular pre-order will happen for 2 weeks and finally it will go on regular sale like this one does today! Now, on with the announcement!

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This poster image will be as seen below without the giant RB of course.  Jack’s 29 Roadster that I’ve talked so much about in the past (even made a video about it). The poster will be 11×17 sized and suitable for framing if you’d like but it’d look great on your garage wall just as it is. This 29 Roadster on 32 rails was built in the mid 50’s and it’s never been changed. It is pure traditional hot rodding.

This is the poster image, the poster WILL NOT HAVE THE RB logo across it.

Here’s the first 25 orders getting ready for me to ship them!

The posters are in stock now and shipping, order today before they are all gone!

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Atlas Speed & Custom Shop Visit!

Despite cold weather and reports that the show has become a bit small I headed south Thursday night headed for Denison, TX for the 2012 KKOA Hotrodding Hullabaloo, Denison is also home to Atlas Speed & Custom so what better excuse to go to TX for the weekend?

Friday started with a shop visit to my buddies Atlas Speed & Custom in downtown Denison for a look around the shop and to check in on the Revolution 32 build. 

Mike’s new toy, it’s a vintage build right hand drive from England I believe. Super kool car, especially the front license plate…

Atlas’ logo was done by Jeff Norwell, and it’s cool factor is off the scale.

Lots of cool old Hot Rod mags and others for sale in the store area.

Vintage go fast goodies on display

Daddy-o was working hard but still took 30 minutes to show me around town and tell me some history.

Daddy-O’s own Chevy waiting it’s turn.

Modifying a $250 brake pedal to fit.

The Atlas boys are also the members of the band Pushrod who will be performing at the Hot Rod Revolution this weekend in Austin. Mike’s dad was a member of the Leonard Stockers.

Punchlist above the workbench leading the way to the finish line.

I’m looking forward to seeing the truck progress throughout its build. The 51 passenger car dash is a nice touch.

Daddy-O’s sedan waiting along side the others (still say you need to give me this because I’m a super duper nice guy)

I posted this on the 32 build thread but if you haven’t seen it here ya go.

To see the entire build thread go here.

See you at a show,


2012 Ol Marais River Run, Ottawa, KS Car Show

Held on Sept. 15th, 2012 in Ottawa, KS

Click on any photo to go to the entire gallery.

See you at a show,

Had a great time at the 2012 Stray Kat Kustoms Starliner show at the Kansas Aviation Museum

Had a great time at the 2012 Stray Kat Kustoms Starliner show at the Kansas Aviation Museum You should have been there too!

There are over 600 images in the gallery including some instagram versions and more artistic edits of some of the photos. There are another 70 or so that will be turned in to a magazine for possible show coverage feature. Speaking of that checkout Car Kulture Deluxe issue #54 for the feature on the Vibrasonic and the show coverage of the 2012 Stray Kat 500, both shot by Royboy and the 500 article was written by me as well! For some great audio about the Vibrasonic, go to Johnny King’s site here.

See you at a show,


Kansas City Double Header Weekend!

For the last few years each Labor Day weekend have been a double header in Kansas City. The Goodguys Midwest Nationals take over the Kansas Speedway and the Los Punk Rods Greaserama invades the Boulevard Drive In for a weekend of good times, cool cars & great people.

Here’s the coverage from 2011’s Greaserama,

And here’s the coverage of the 2011 Goodguys Midwestern Nationals,

Look for new galleries on Monday from the 2012 shows!

See you at a show,


2011 Darryl Starbird Wichita Teaser Pics

Well the first show of my 2011 season in under my belt. I’m sitting in the parking lot of the Wichita Starbird show as i type this. The car count was down, the attendance seemed down, but the overall quality of the show felt way up.

I have a couple of cell phone teaser shots for ya, check back tomorrow at http://royboyproductions.smugmug.com for the full set.

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